Bronco Bulletin

January 25, 2016


Campus Outlook Calendar

Our campus calendar is constantly being updated with events. It is important that everyone checks it on a regular basis to keep current with what's happening. If you can't access the calendar, you will need to email Messenger. A new request will be sent for you to accept.


Kuddos goes to our 5th grade students who are participating in the STARBASE program at Ellington Field! Approximately 30 fifth grade students were selected to be a part of this exciting opportunity where they conduct scientific experiements with skilled engineers. Our students behavior was excellent and the excitement could be seen in their faces. Thank you to Ms. Compton for coordinating the effort and to our 5th grade Science team for supporting our students and their love of Science! We look forward to hearing more about the visits.

Upcoming Events/On the Horizon...

1/26 Dual Language Planning Day

1/28 Thursday Morning Meeting (Grade Level Meetings)

1/28 Mandatory Faculty Meeting (4:15-5:15)

1/29 STARBASE Day 2

2/1 Maker Faire with Muirhead (5:00-7:00)

2/4 Thursday Morning Meeting (AVID Update)

2/4 Chocolate Bar Fundraiser Sundae Party (4:00-6:00)

2/5 STARBASE Day 3

Where is my administrator?

1/26 Axtell out (morning only)

2/2-2/5 Messenger out...YES I will be working and not on vacation! (all day)

2/4 Barras/Brownlee out (morning only)

2/5 PFs out (all day)

Kendrick Maker Faire--HELP NEEDED

Below is the email Ms. Muirhead sent out today regarding Kendrick Middle School's first ever Maker Faire. In order to make it a successful event, we need YOUR help! Please contact Lori Muirhead for details and to volunteer!!! I am 100% positive this event is going to be a huge success!

Good Morning All!

The library is going to host a makerfaire on Tuesday, Feb. 2nd in conjunction with the book fair! FYI, a makerfaire is a showcase of activities that are part of a makerspace.

What is a makerspace, you ask? Well, It is a place where students can come and create, invent, explore and play using technology, legos, recyclables, etc. Please take a look at this short video:

It is my dream to have a makerspace in the library – complete with 3D printing, art projects, engineering projects, the list could go on and on. So, to help me get one started, Barnes and Nobles has agreed to come next Tuesday and bring items to:

1.) demonstrate what is possible to have in a makerspace, and

2.) to help me raise money during my bookfair to purchase items for the makerspace.

Barnes and Nobles is bringing a 3D printer and some Ozo bots, among some other cool stuff.

To my point: I NEED HELP! J

The makerfaire will be open all day in the library for teachers to come by on their conference time to look at what is available and to ‘play’ with stuff. We are also going to be open that evening from 5:30 – 7:00 so the parents can bring students to come to the makerfaire and book fair. Btw, all proceeds from the book fair are going to purchase items for the makerspace. I need volunteers to help brainstorm ideas, set up, man tables, etc. Missy has offered jeans passes for those who will stay after school for the event and help. (I think we need t-shirts that say ‘will work for jeans passes’…lol)

If you would like to help, could you please shoot me an e-mail? I would greatly appreciate it – you have no idea... Also, we would need to meet Wednesday before school to plan so please keep that in mind as well. It’s gonna be fun!

Conscious Discipline Conference

If you are interested in attending the Conscious Discipline Conference June 5-10 this summer, please email Messenger by Friday, February 5th. The trainining will take place at Beverly Hills Intermediate, so no travel is necessary. I have reserved 4 spots for Kendrick, so "first come, first serve". I look forward to hearing from you all!

Kendrick Building Dedication

Our building dedication has been confirmed for March 8th. This is a required event for all certified staff. I will provide more specific details as it gets closer, but plan to be at school until at least 7:30 exceptions. This is an incredibly important event for Mr. and Mrs. Kendrick, along with our campus in general, so please do not ask to leave early or be excused from it. It will include many VIPs from Pasadena ISD and the city of Pasadena, so everyone will be required to participate in preparing the building for the event.

Thursday Morning Meeting Schedule

1/28 Grade Level Meeting (Barras/Brownlee)

2/4 AVID Update (Pena)

2/11 Teacher Leader Collaborative (Messenger)

2/18 Mock STAAR Information (PFs/Messenger)

2/25 Conscious Discipline Update (Pena)

3/3 Blended Learning/Technology Update (Morton)

3/10 Grade Level Meeting (Barras/Brownlee)