The history of John F. Kennedy

His life

When John F Kennedy was born.

John F Kennedy was born on may29 1917 in Massachusetts.When he was born he kept on throwing up and his parents did not know what was wrong with him. So they took him to the doctor and the doctor diagnosed with Addison's disease.When he got home his brother had to make sure if he threw up. So after he took the medication he did not throw up very often.Then after a few years past and he got a new sibling it was a girl.

when John F Kennedy was a kid

John F Kennedy grew up in a household with devoted athletic activity.So basically he played all different sports like tennis, swimming, touch football, water skiing, sailing and winter sports.He loved playing all the sports especially football.When He was a kid did not just like sports he also liked drawing.

When John F Kennedy was an adult.

When he was an adult he set off on his own and explored the world.When he was out in the big world he met a woman and they bought a house together.Then he volunteered for world war two and after world war-ll then he ran for president .
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