Created by Arlen Agiliga and Blake Tallon

Code of Conduct

Rule #1: Do not disobey orders given to you by a superior

Do:Accept and carry out orders to the best of your ability as the sailors obeyed Odysseus when he told them to keep rowing when they sailed past Scylla and Charybdis.

Do not: disobey your orders and tell others to do so as well(as Eurylochus does on Thrinacia when he encourages the men to eat the sacred cattle

Rule #2: Don't let gluttony cloud your judgment

Do: Understand boundaries and limits, like Odysseus does when he warns his men not to eat the sun cattle.

Do not: overindulge in pleasures like Elpenor does when he drinks too much wine and dies.

Rule #3: Be faithful to your spouse

Do: Avoid suitors and other men like Penelope does when Odysseus is on his journey.

Do not: Seduce a man into your bed like Circe does when she entices Odysseus with her beauty

Rule #4: Do not mistreat your guests

Do: Invite your guests into your home and treat them with respect like King Aeolus does when Odysseus lands on his island.

Do not: Eat your guests like Polyphemus does when Odysseus enters his cave.

Rule #5: Do not be boastful

Do: Let your actions speak for themselves like the heroes in the Underworld do.

Do not: Make fun of a beaten opponent like Odysseus does with Polyphemus.

Rule #6: Respect the laws of the gods

Do: Obey the gods rules like Odysseus when Athena tells him to make an offering to Poseidon

Do not: Disregard the gods like Polyphemus does when Odysseus tells him to respect them.