Parenting and Family Classes

A Partnership with Sunset Elem. and Davis Behavioral Health

Family Classes

What Will Your Family Get?

Ms. Rees mentioned in her video that you can earn prizes for taking part in these classes.

*For registering, each family will get a new family board game.

*For completing through class 5, your family will get a $15 gift card to Little Caesars.

*For completing the course, families will get $50 gift card for a family activity (Rush, Zoo, Aquarium, Boondocks, etc...)

The Incredible Years

A Program for Parents of children ages 2-8

Parenting can be a difficult experience for both parents and children. For children this is a major transition when they are moving from being dependent to exploring the world around them. It is a time when they test the limits of their environment, finding out what will or will not be tolerated. Learn how to guide your children as they go through this stage of transition.

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Strengthening Families

Do you sometimes worry about your child's behavior or choices, wonder how they will handle peer pressure, or do you struggle to bond with them? Would you like to improve your family atmosphere or prevent conflict?

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