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We hope you had a wonderful summer! As we prepare for going back to school, we want you to know we are here for you. Below are some great resources for preparing to return to school. We miss you and can't wait to see you!

Welcome Back Primaries!

I can't wait to see all of my first graders, and to meet all of the new incoming Kindergarteners! As always, I am available to support students at all three primary schools- Hemlock, Homestead and Locust. If you need assistance you can reach me at (516) 478-3347 or via email

Mrs. Martinez

Welcome Back Stewart!

I am excited to see all of your smiling faces again this year! This year, I will be working in Stewart School every day ! If you need assistance you can reach me at 478-1400 or via email

Mrs. Vincent

Welcome Back Stratford: Introducing Kristyn DeMartinis! Our new full time social worker at Stratford!

Hello! I am thrilled to be joining the Stratford community. Before coming to Garden City, I was a social worker at an elementary school in NYC. I can’t wait to meet you all! If you need support or assistance you can contact me at 478-1500 or via email

Ms. DeMartinis

Articles for Parents

Back to School Activities

Great ways to get children excited about returning to school:

1. Plan a back to school pre-celebration. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but what fun to celebrate the end of summer and the start of a new school year full of possibilities! Involve your child in the planning: ask for their ideas of places that would be fun to go, maybe somewhere you haven’t had a chance to visit yet.

2. Create a bedtime routine. With long summer days (and Daylight Savings Time), everyone seems to stay up a little later. As we get closer to school, make sure to start the bedtime routine earlier so you can get back to a normal school-year bedtime.

3. Write an encouraging note in their lunchbox! Kids love to find surprise during lunch and this is great for students who may have some first day jitters.

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Helping Students Understand Social Distancing and Face Masks

Tip: Start practicing mask wearing with your child before they return to school.
Coronavirus: How to Teach Kids About COVID-19 | BrainPOP

Cool non-touch ways to greet friends, teachers and family!

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Simple Mindfulness Strategy -- Take 5
5-Minute Kids Body Scan Meditation w/ Cory Muscara

What to do if I need assistance?

The mental health department is here to support you. Please don't hesitate to reach out to any member of our department if you need assistance.

Hemlock School:

Tracy Martinez - Social Worker

Stacey Esmond - School Psychologist

Homestead School:

Tracy Martinez - Social Worker

Stacey Esmond - School Psychologist

Locust School:

Tracy Martinez - Social Worker

Kady Burke - School Psychologist

Stewart School:

Michele Vincent- Social Worker

Gina Tornincaso- School Pyschologist

Monica Saavedra-School Pyschologist

Stratford School:

Kristyn DeMartinis - Social Worker

Danielle Warnke-School Pyschologist

Kady Burke - School Psychologist

Kristyn DeMartinis

Stratford School Social Worker

Tracy Martinez

Primary School Social Worker

Hemlock, Homestead & Locust