The Ram Report

October 14, 2016

Thank you, everyone, for pulling together and making this a fabulous week of engagement and fun for all students. Many of you, I know, were hit hard by the menacing Hurricane Matthew, yet still stepped up to the plate to bring nothing but your best to our kiddos. From 2 hour commutes, having to discard and replenish ALL the food in the cafeteria, making sure there were no leaks and the school was safe for everyone, and no running water - you are all amazing!

For many of you this will be a review of what the district expects us to have in our lesson plans - the key components. Thank you for having your plans out and ready for us to look over with the intent of calibrating and getting a feel of where our instructional planning is here at North Landing. Instructional planning, as you know, should be based on solid student data guiding you to differentiate instruction, in order to meet the individual needs of students.

Lesson Plan Requirements

Lesson plans are to be written based on needed objective and student progress indicated by gathered data.

All lesson plans are to be kept in a binder or fastened in a folder for quick access to current and past plans. If plans are kept on line, the lesson plan folder should be shared with administration so lessons do not need to be interrupted during visits.

Key components to include in all lesson plans:


*Objective (What do I want my students to know/understand?)

*Learning Target (Objective in kid- friendly language)

*Materials (What do I need for this lesson?)

*Strategy and Plan (How am I going to get there?)

*Differentiated Instruction


*Assessment (How will I know they learned the objectives?)

*Follow up if needed

Being that our main focus this year is on small group instruction, guided reading learning plans will be reviewed periodically throughout the year. If you need any assistance with writing, organizing or just sprucing up your learning plans, please do not hesitate to reach out to your grade level, Raye Jean or Denise and me. We are happy to help!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jill :)

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Candid Conversations About Race Ambassador:

Each school has been asked to identify a CCR Ambassador and Alternate for the 2016-2017 school year. As of today NLES is still in need of a representative.The ambassador will receive 12 PLP points for attending six sessions and sharing information with the staff. The purpose is to assist schools in designing strategies to close the racial achievement gap through the awareness of best instructional practices and teacher leadership. Meeting are all held at the Advanced Technology Center Theatre on 11/10, 12/15, 1/12, 2/9/ 3/16, and 4/3 from 4:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. Anyone interested in serving in this capacity should contact me ASAP.

Rockin' Rams

*Congratulations, Sarah Sicinski, on earning funding form DonorsChoose.ore for a classroom project called 'Exploration with Osmo." The kids will LOVE it! Thanks for going the extra mile to make it happen!

*Huge thanks to Sarah Sicinski! She shared a great Seesaw activity with me, which I shared with teachers at Creeds. They are now so excited to get their kids on the program! What a great example of how we can influence teachers outside of our building with great ideas, whether it is by word of mouth or on Twitter. Keep sharing!! ~Kim W.

* Thanks to Wendy and Michael for trying some new tools with their students! Their students are using BrainPop and the Make-A-Map tool to help them connect ideas and deepen their understanding of content. ~ Kim W.

* Shout out to the teachers that are using Google Classroom and Seesaw with their kids! The technology doesn’t always work the way we want, and devices are not always available, but you make it happen anyway. Awesome! ~ Kim W.

*Thank you to Karen for coming in on your weekend off to make sure all the defrosted food was disposed of properly and to all the cafe' ladies for your hard work making sure the kids and staff had food after the hurricane! You ladies ROCK!!

*Thank you, Mr. Cuffee, for helping out during National Lunch Week!

* Thank you to all who have volunteered their time this weekend at the Fall Festival! The kids will be so excited to see you there!

Thinking of you...........

Jennie Damasco - Wishing your mom and dad comfort and speedy recoveries

Jennie Damasco - Sending you hugs!

Exciting News!

Voice fans.... Jennie Damasco's brother, JSOUL, is on this season of The Voice! Battles started this week. Stay tuned for updates. :)

CONGRATULATIONS, Tracy Coffin, on receiving the Agriculture Classroom Grant for the 2016-2017 school year!!! Way to go!

You Make a Difference

Congratulations Marty Asire for being the first 2016-2017 I Make a Difference recipient! Very well deserved!

Gentle Reminders

Please avoid piles of papers in your classroom whenever possible. Not only can the custodial staff not clean off desk and table surfaces in the evenings to help keep the germs under control, but being that this is a "senior" building, many critters have been found roaming the rooms and hallways looking for all that will survive right along with them....Twinkies. :) These little visitors are attracted to paper and are making their homes in classroom piles. Neat and tidy helps keep them moving along to another home - hopefully outside the school!

Mark Your calendars...

Oct. 18- PAC 3:30-4:30

Oct. 19 - Security Assistant Day!

Oct. 3 - SRT Make-Up PD - Library 3:30-4:30

Oct. 20 - Earthquake Drill - Please review procedures with your class. (See below)

Oct. 21 - Formative Options and Goals Due for review

Oct. 25 - SPED Meeting - Conference Room - 3:30

Oct. 27 - Team Jersey Day

Oct. 27 - Staff Seminar - Library - 3:30-4:30

Oct. 28 - SCA Fall Dance - Cafe' - 3:30-5:00

Earthquake Drill Guidelines


An earthquake drill is held to practice procedures to follow in the event of an earthquake. In practice drills, teachers should supervise students and be alert to the position of each student during the entire drill. Secondary students can be provided instructions listed below in lieu of actually kneeling on the floor.


The signal for the drill is the following PA announcement.



1. Drop to knees facing away from windows.

2. Get under desks or tables where possible and hold on firmly.

3. Fold body onto floor with arms close to knees.

4. Place head between knees; and cover head with hands.

5. Stay in this position for 10 seconds.

6. Teachers will direct students to return to seats.

Earthquake Safety Guidelines:

Remain Calm. The rolling sensation may terrify you, but unless something falls on you, the sensations will not hurt you. Think through the consequences of any action you plan to take.

If you are indoors, stay there. If you are in danger:

• Get under a sturdy table or desk.

• Brace yourself in an inside corner away from windows.

• Move to an inner wall or corridor.

• Watch for falling objects - plaster, bricks, light fixtures, etc.

• Stay away from furniture which might slide or topple over.

• Stay away from windows, sliding glass doors, and mirrors.

• Grab anything handy (back pack, notebook, papers, box, etc.) to shield your head and face from falling debris and splinting glass.

• Don't be alarmed if the fire alarm or sprinklers go off.

Do Not Rush Outside. Stay on the same floor that you are on.

• Do not use elevators as the power for elevators may go out and leave you trapped. The greatest danger from falling debris is just outside doorways and close to outer walls. If for safety reasons you must leave the building, choose your exits as carefully as possible.

• If conditions warrant an evacuation, check evacuation routes and staging location prior to moving students.

If you are outside, stay there. Move away from the building, power poles and lampposts. Electric power lines are a serious hazard - stay away from fallen lines. If possible, proceed cautiously to an open area.

Five-Year Plan for Special Education

The Office of Programs for Exceptional Children is preparing to develop a five-year plan to increase outcomes for students with disabilities. School administrators, special education and general education teachers, school counselors, psychologists, school social workers and itinerant service providers to participate in one of the subcommittee being formed for each area of the five-year plan. The areas are: identification, delivery of services, curriculum development, professional learning, and parent and community involvement. If you are interested in serving on the five-year plan committee, please email me prior to October 21.


The Departments of Teaching and Learning (T&L) and Technology (DOT) invite all teachers and administrators to the upcoming Classroom Display Expo at Plaza Annex. The expo will take place on October 31, 2016, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Attendees will have an opportunity to test drive the products displayed and explore product functionality and instructional implications for each solution. Feedback will be solicited to aid in the development of a division wide replacement plan for interactive whiteboards. Manufacturers’ representatives will be present to answer any questions.

The Classroom Display Expo is a continuation of the collaborative efforts that T&L and DOT staff have been engaged in to ensure that the school division’s next generation classroom display meets the instructional needs of teachers at all levels.

Jill Bargger - Principal ~ North Landing Elementary School