Tropical Rainforest

By : Citlali Cisneros


It's found near the equator. The average temperature is mostly 20 and 25 Celsius. During the month of July the temperature is 75-93F (22-34C). It's very rainy (200cm). The best time to go is during the dry season or rainy season.

Clothes, Cost, Transportation

You can wear lightweight layers like 3 pairs of shorts or more, long sleeve, pants like leggings, jeans, short dresses, tank top, T-shirt, bathing suits, etc. You can bring flip flops, water shoes, and tennis shoes and hiking shoes Etc.

The average cost for tourists to travel there is $2,269 per person in Brazil.

You get there by an air plane and then afterwards you can either walk to get to your area or by ATV.

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