A few details about tomorrow


Please make sure your child arrives promptly tomorrow, Sat., Dec. 12 by 8:30am at Chestnut Mountain Presbyterian Church (4675 Winder Hwy., Flowery Branch, GA 30542).

Please look for CDA signs / balloons to direct you to the gym / theater entrance.

  • Your child MUST arrive "stage ready" with hair, full makeup, appropriate shoes and tights. This is our only dress rehearsal before the performance and will serve your child well in this unfamiliar space.

(Once your child has completed their portion of the rehearsal, they may be dismissed, only with the permission of their Instructor. Our CDA team will inform you).

  • ALL Dancers must return back to the facility by 1:00pm to re-dress and tidy up for performance
  • Doors will open at 1:30pm. (No seating may be saved in advance and is only available on a first come, first serve basis). Due to limited seating, we will have two sections; one for immediate family and another for extended family. Because this is a FREE, non-ticketed recital, we have no idea as to how many will seating may also be limited. Please be prepared in advance.
  • Because we want to be considerate of all families, all empty seats will be open to anyone at 1:55pm. Thank you for helping us make this an enjoyable experience for all!
  • Performance begins, 2:00pm. This is where the JOY begins :)


Our recital will be professionally recorded and can be pre-ordered for only $10.00.

If you must personally record your child, please do so from the back of the auditorium as to not obstruct anyone's view in the audience or affect the recording. Aisles will need to be clear.

**DVD's will be available for pickup at the studio by Dec. 18th.


We only have a few left for purchase at only $15.00.


On behalf of CDA, we want to ask you to consider bringing some extra cash to help us present to Chestnut Mountain Presbyterian Church as a token of our appreciation. How many facilities do you know of who would allow a studio to use their space for free??? Think of it...setup of rooms, cleaning, utilities, restroom supplies etc.?

Please help us honor them for being so gracious to us, our families and our dancers in the use of their space.

Our Showcase performance was awesome!

Thank you parents and students for a fabulous performance this evening! Can't wait to do it again next year!


Our final week of classes & makeup classes will be December 14 -18, 2015. This will be a fun and casual week of dancing for your child. Friends are invited! (Again, this will be our last week of classes before the holiday break).


We have a lot of exciting new classes and clubs beginning January 2016!

  • For NEW and EXISTING customers, get the NEW CDA Canvas Tote FREE ($10 value), when you pre-register or sign up for a class, club or private lesson.