Lorina Kinchen


Freshwater food web

This food webs energy source is ,of course, the algae (or plant).The plant , as you may know , gets its energy from the sun. The primary consumer would be the smaller vegetarian fish or snails and such creatures like the ones I just spoke of , although , the Mute Swan also consumes plants and algae. The secondary consumer is the larger fish. The larger fish are not vegetarians but do consume the smaller fish to keep the smaller fishes population "in check". The tertiary consumer would be (whaddya know) us humans . We humans are responsible for keeping the fish population "in check". And last but not least , the decomposer would be zooplankton, phytoplankton ,etc. ....

Are us humans empacting the environment for such creatures ?

Yes , actually, we are. Us humans like to fish for sport or just for some freshly caught dinner but we don't exactly consider the population decrease of the species we are capturing . Fish are needed to keep the species on the lower part of the food pyramids population at a reasonable amount. Even though I say this , that doesn't mean you have to stop fishing . Humans are also helping keep fish population down too. Just... we don't want to help too much.