Have a nice new year

Books I want to read

I want to read Maze runner 2 book because I want to see what will happen in the next one. The falling up book because it has poems and I love poems so much.

Want to break

I want to stop being lazy and start to be more active.

My goal

My goal is to have straight A's and have a fun and happy school year.

6 ways to help my community

The first way is I can take out the garbage from the beach. Another way is I can give poor people money so they can get on their feet. Also, I can do community serves. Then, I can grab food and put it in the food drive to give to poor people. If there is a woman crossing the street I can make sure that she it safe. Last, find a job and help my mom have a little money so she can buy things for her and my family.
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