"Takes a village to raise a child"

By Cyndi Flores

Schools, Families, and Communities--"The Works"

Teachers are greatly encouraged to work with families and the community to help students with their learning process. While some schools experience a large amount of family and community involvement, others schools experience very little participation. Mainly parent participation is low for reasons such as: lack of babysitters, lack of transportation, and work schedules that do not allow the time to meet with teachers or take part in other school activities. Nonetheless, educators still believe that parental support is a major contributor to successful student learning. In spite of the lack of parental participation, parents regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status, belief there is great importance in the education of their children.

Constant communication with families is a great way for schools to keep parents informed of ways they can contribute to their child's education and to the community. One thing to remember about communicating with parents is that socioeconomic differences among families can have an influence in their interactions with educators as well as the community. Low-income families are the ones that have less possibility to participate in activities within the school and outside the school environment. It is also very important to have a community who cares about and is actively involved in education. Community partners work with schools to provide time, money, people, and expertise. Within the school environment, teachers can incorporate the community in their classrooms by having parents, grandparents, firefighters, and police officers come to talk to students about their work and contributions to the community. In addition field trips and school projects are another great way for students and families to know the community.

Family and Community Engagement at the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools


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