Come share ten year's worth of adventures with old friends!


Reunion planning is underway, and the magical date is Saturday, November 29, 2014. This is a pretty sure thing, but event location and details are still to be determined. With such a great response from the "reunion survey," the plan is to lock down a venue in the next few weeks, based on the response to this flyer. Let's just say, it's going to be epic.

What we need YOU to do ...

We need your most updated contact information. We're hoping to do as much online as possible. With that said, we need your preferred e-mail address (the one you actually check) and your cell phone number. If you're anti-technology, we can send you something via snail mail, and in that case, we need your current address. If you're not interested in receiving information and updates about the reunion, let us know that too. We'll be bummed, but we understand not everyone wants to participate or is able to make it back to the area.

Using whatever means comfortable, please contact one of us below with your information:

One last thing >> we're looking for performers!

We thought it'd be really neat to showcase musical talent from the Class of 2004. If you would like to perform a short set in between a raging mix of throwback jams from the early 2000s, please let us know! Details will be forthcoming, depending on the venue and the amount of interest, so keep in mind this is not a guarantee, but an idea we'd like to pursue!

Leave a comment below with ideas, suggestions, memories, etc. or to let us know if you're interested in helping in some way!

And PLEASE share this flyer with EVERYONE from the Class of 2004!