Technology Rules For Parents

BY Evan K

Rule 1

You should not text on your phone while you are driving because you can get a serious injury.
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Rule 2

You should always log out of any account you have so that it does not get hacked.
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Rule 3

You should never be talking to anyone on your phone while driving because you can get injured or get in an accident.
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Rule 4

You should have a password on all your online accounts so that it dosen't get hacked.
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Rule 5

You should always use your blue tooth when you are talking while driving so you will not get an injury.
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Rule 6

You should never put a lot of personal information on the internet about your self so that you stay safe.
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Rule 7

You should not put a picture of your self on the internet because you might not be able to delete the picture.

Rule 8

You should always clean your computer so that your computer doesn't get wrecked from virus.
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Rule 9

You should not click on apps you don't know of because they can be inappropreate.

Rule 10

You should always cover up your web cam so that strangers can't see you.
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