Junior High Lab Offerings

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Topic Study Lab: Conferring Across Content Areas

Hosts: Sarah Avallone, LA; Pam Mendelson, Science

Dates: Tuesday, October 13; Tuesday, February 9 (full days)

Description: Conferring has become a regular part of the instructional practice in District 28. But are you taking full advantage of the power of individual and group conferences with your students? Participants in this lab will discuss how to improve not only the types of questions they ask in student conferences, but also how to target individualized instruction at the point of need and how to make our conferences more student-centered rather than teacher led. Teachers from all grade levels and content areas are invited to attend.

Immersion Lab: Flexible Needs-Based Grouping

Host: Sarah Avallone, LA NBJH

Dates: Thursday, November 5; Friday, November 6; Thursday, February 4; Friday, February 5; Thursday, March 17; Friday, March 18. (Please note, all sessions are one full day followed by one half-day)

Description: Flexible small groups are a powerful tool for differentiating instruction and can be used in any content area. Explore ways to use formative assessment data you already collect to form and plan for groups that will maximize instructional time and increase student success. Teachers from all grade levels and content areas are invited to attend.

Implementing Inquiry-Based Instruction

Hosts: Michelene Cosentino, Science; Shannon Zajac, Science

Dates; Tuesday, December 8; Wednesday, February 17; Tuesday, May 10

Description: Inquiry is an instructional shift that places the responsibility for learning more squarely on the shoulders of students and harnesses the power of student choice to increase engagement. Become a fly on the wall in two sixth grade science classrooms to see inquiry-based learning in action. Participants will discuss the nuts-and-bolts of setting up an inquiry-based classroom and will have the opportunity to brainstorm ideas for ways to embed inquiry-based projects into their current practice. Teachers from all grade levels and content areas are invited to attend.