Growth,change, career management

Changes in life

changes of an individual

independent individuals get into a partnership, many changes many pressures to face adjustments to create a great foundation birth of a born child.
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separation of partnership

when the relation doesn't work along so they won't have more problems they divorce and they decide who the baby is going to stay with so they decide and have to pay daycare.
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child growth

when son or daughter is older that goes to college dad mom have new life with other person and sometimes child fails because of a problem or no financial and they do't have no job so they come back and looks for help for mom and dad and they have to help them even though they are investing money for there retirement
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Health changes

dad,mom start loosing strength everyday goes by so son or daughter have to get along start making their future to success because parents start loosing body line or becoming older and so the son have to go and try to success
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