ICTC Full Circle Doula Training

Comes to Oakland! 3/3 - 3/6/16

Become an Expert Labor and Postpartum Doula Care Support Provider!

Become an Expert Labor and Postpartum Doula Care

The ICTC Full Circle Doula Training is an intensive 29-hour (3.5 days) prenatal, labor and postpartum doula training course. Topics include, and expand beyond: The history and duties of labor and postpartum doulas, the legacy of the African American midwife, the midwifery model of care, signs and symptoms of pregnancy, labor and birth, birth justice, perinatal comfort measures, reproductive anatomy, medical terminology, the role of the father, physiology of labor and birth, cultural awareness, breastfeeding support, infant care, postpartum rituals, bonding and family integration, the spirituality of birth, intuition and "Motherwit," infant mortality reduction, and entrepreneurial skill.

This high energy training is didactic, interactive, and woman-centered and facilitates comprehensive doula care. Graduates of the training receive a provisional certificate and have 2 years to certify. With program completion, the graduate is certified to practice as a labor and a postpartum doula, and though graduates may choose to specialize as labor doulas or postpartum doulas, their knowledge base is still holistic or "Full Circle."

Through the ICTC Full Circle Doula® Training you be will be equipped with resources, skills, confidence and know how to begin your journey, to holistically to assist a pregnant woman to transition through pregnancy, labor, birth and to motherhood by providing emotional and physical support.

Your Instructor: Sis. Shafia Monroe

The formation of the International Center for Traditional Childbearing (ICTC) was inspired by the Childbirth Providers of African Descent (CPAD), a national Black midwife support group founded by midwife Sister Ayanna Ade in 1981. When CPAD dissolved in 1988, Sister Shafia Monroe (founder of ICTC), felt an obligation to create something similar for generations of the community of Black midwives. In August 1991, with support of a national group of midwives and healers, Sr. Shafia Monroe founded the International Center for Traditional Childbearing (ICTC) in Portland, OR.

ICTC is a professional African & African American midwives organization committed to increasing the number of Midwives of Color and providing leadership in the profession to address the critical needs in maternal, newborn and child health. We are determined that the early death of babies and mothers, as an aftermath of enslavement and a legacy for poverty, shall be prevented.
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Serve your community as an ICTC Certified Doula!

About ICTC:

The International Center for Traditional Childbearing, Inc. (ICTC) is a non-profit infant mortality prevention, breastfeeding support, and midwife training organization, comprised of women and men who want to improve birth outcomes and provide training opportunities in their communities.

Incorporated in 1991, ICTC was founded by Shafia M. Monroe in concert with the national support of educators and midwives. For more than a decade, ICTC has built bridges that link national organizations with grassroots movements, and professionals with lay health workers. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, chapters are forming throughout the world and country.

Your Intructor: Samsarah Morgan, DD Cht LC

. L. Samsarah Morgan, DD., Cht.

Dr. Morgan is an Interfaith Minister and Counselor, Apprentice Midwife, Family Life Coach, Doula and Hypnotherapist. She is the founder of Nia Center for birth and family life. She is a birth and postpartum caregiver and childbirth and parenting educator, and is this year celebrating 35 years as a birth worker and trainer.

As the mother of 5 grown sons and the grandmother of two, and so, she has firsthand experience of the joys and challenges of parenting! She is the director of Nia: A family life practice, as well as Birth Professionals of the Bay Area and her private practice has offered counseling and healing sessions as well as workshops, seminars and retreats for individuals, couples, and families since 1991.

Samsarah is the Director of Shiphrah’s Circle Community Doula Program a comprehensive and full spectrum Doula support and parenting education program, which provides these services for low income and working class families.

She is a contributing writer for several on line magazines, including Weigh loss solutions 360 magazine, Every Little Thing, Birth babies and Beyond , and Occupy Oakland Media Collective. Her first book, “The Children’s Village; Musings of an Urban Nana.” Is scheduled to be published July 22, 2015

She is member of the board for the Sacred Birth Angels Foundation, as well as the Founding Member of The Oakland Better Birth Foundation, and The Decolonize (Occupy) Pregnancy Birth and Parenting Caucus of Occupy Oakland, as week as KPFA Community Radio Listener Service Board.

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