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All about me.

I'm so excited to be teaching your wonderful first grade children this year. I hope I can make the school year fun and exciting for them while making it easy on you as a busy parent. Never be afraid to contact me if you have a problem or need help with anything. I want my students and parents to know how much I care about them. I love first grade because students are still so new to school and I wanted them to truly love and enjoy it as much as they can. I want all of my first graders to shine.

For an overview, I am Ms. Kelli Gilbert. I attended the University of Houston (Go Coogs) and love sports, being creative, and active. I am a huge Astros, Rockets, Cougars, and Texans fan. Houston has been my home since I was born and I do not plan to leave it anytime soon.

As an update: We have been having a blast in class and learning so much. The kids are wonderful and learning like superstars.

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip!

Being that it is October, we will be taking an exciting field trip to Dewberry Farm to visit their pumpkin patch. It is located in Brookshire, which is about 45 minutes from the school. We will be taking school buses with all the other 1st grade classes out there. The students will take a wagon ride to the pumpkin patch and learn why pumpkins need bees to grow. They will also tell the students about the different varieties of pumpkins, squash, and gourds. Students will then be able to pick their own 'kid-sized' pumpkin to take home with them from the field. If time permits we will also explore the farm and look at the barn animals and more.

For the trip students will need to pack a lunch to go with them or bring money for concession stands there. They will also need to dress comfortable and wear sensible shoes, preferably closed toe. We are also looking for parent chaperones that would like to attend the trip with us. Each class requires at least 4 chaperones to sign up. The chaperones can either meet up there or meet at the school and ride the bus with the class. Please let me know if you are interested in being a chaperone for the trip.

Date: October 23rd from 9:00am to 1:00pm

Location: FM 362 and Morrison Road Brookshire Texas

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In class we have learned about a fun game called Trimathlon. I have included the link for the game and would love for both you and your child to play it together. This game is great for them to improve their addition and subtraction math facts. First you must choose the country you want to represent in the game. Second, you pick one out of the three sports you want to start with first. Then you start the game and begin answering math questions as fast as possible to earn a medal in the triathlon. You get to watch after each round as your athlete competes against the others and earns a place or medal in the sport you have chosen. You go through all three sports and it switches up between addition and subtraction. It goes fast though so keep up and do not get to frustrated. The students enjoyed this game so much today and we want you to get to experience it too.

Link to game:

Cycles in the Garden

During the next couple months we will be working on an activity called Cycles in the Garden. This is a hands-on eight-lesson plan unit that our first grade science class will complete. During this activity the students will perform experiments, ongoing observation, tasting, and planting. The students will get to plant their own seeds and watch them grow and care for them in the grow lab placed in our classroom. They will keep a science notebook where they will draw the growth of their plants and label them through out the activity. At the end when the plants are all grown the students will get to taste the beans that have grown from their plants. I will be providing the cups, soil, seeds, spray water bottle, and grow lab for the activity. Students will learn the concepts of interdependence and cycles of the plants while learning how plants grow. I think this activity will be fun for the students because they get to take care of something on their own and learn how it grows. At the end of the activity students will get to take home their plants and do with it what they please.

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Reading with Dexter!

I wanted to review our class activity/center called Reading with Dexter, in case any parents missed the other newsletter about it. This activity is all about getting the students to love reading because I know a few still struggle with it. The students will complete a reading log through out the month and must read at least one book per week. The reading log is sent home everyday in their homework folder and I check it every 2 weeks to make sure it is being completed. Please make sure to initial each book they read on the log so I know the students are completing their homework. They can pick books from home, the library, or our reading with Dexter center. Along with the reading logs at the beginning of the year each student was given a stuffed animal frog as their 'reading buddy' named Dexter. This buddy is so the students never feel they must read alone. The frogs are suppose to bring support and encouragement for the students as they read through their books. We read in class as well everyday with the bigger Dexter frogs that are at the reading center. I hope your students enjoy this activity as much as I have had planning it.

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