3A: A Week at a Glance

week ending November 20, 2015

A Note from Mrs. Adams

Typing Agent homework will begin the week after Thanksgiving. Log on info is taped inside agendas and is also found on my eboard, along with the direct link to access the site. Please let me know if your child experiences any difficulty logging on. We are asking third graders to practice 20-30 minutes per week at home.

Math facts will continue to be important as we move into using multiplication and division strategies. Drawing arrays is a great strategy as we first learn concepts, but soon the memorization of math facts will help students complete problems efficiently and accurately. Please begin practicing the multiplication facts for 5 minutes a night!

Conferences: This year, students will be running the conferences at their first "Student-Led Conference". This is done district wide for 3rd through 5th grade. We will spend the first 15 minutes as a student-led conference, where they share their areas of strength and areas to continue working on. The last five minutes are reserved for you and I to speak, with your child out of the room. More information to come, but these have always been informative for the parents and exciting for the child to have a chance to "show off". If you haven't signed up for a conference time, please do so using this link. http://www.jooners.com/guest?l=b5123255-ecca-4d13-8f13-d7e20ed2e9df

Treasure Box - If you're shopping and happen to see any (non-food) goodies we could add to our treasure box, we are running low! Thanks!!

Important Upcoming Dates

11/25: School Community Meeting, 9 AM

11/25: Half Day For Students, 12:30 PM Dismissal

11/26 and 11/27: School Closed, Thanksgiving Recess

12/1-12/3: Holiday Shop, Stage

12/6: Barnes and Noble Fundraiser 11 AM-3 PM (I will be reading at 12:00)

12/15: Report Cards Available in Genesis 330 PM

12/16: Afternoon Conferences, 12:30 PM Dismissal For Students

12/17: Evening Conferences, Regular School Day for Students

12/17: School Store, 11:50 AM-12:40 PM

12/18: Morning Conferences, No School For Students

12/21: Evening Conferences, 12:30 PM Dismissal For Students

Laptops for Final Copies

We have been writing personal narratives for the past several weeks and are finally ready to publish our stories! Using the laptops, we typed our stories in our class Google Drive. We then learned how to create QR codes to link to our stories. It's a fun way to access our narratives!

Action Verb vs. Linking Verb Spinner game

During reading, we learned about action verbs and "being" verbs (or linking verbs). We practiced it so much that the kids were able to chant a way to remember some of our being verbs. Ask them... "am, is, are, was, were, be, have, has, had".

Introducing our Star Student... Lilly!