Paul Revere

Dylan Crum


Paul Revere and the extreme journeys of him life. You will be told about Paul and him early life/growing up. Then you will be told about Paul becoming a master silversmith. After that you will be told about Paul Reveres famous ride. This is Paul Revere and the journeys of his life.

Growing Up

The life of a chilled named Paul Revere. Paul was born on January 1 1735 in Boston Massachusetts. Paul had some hard times at the age of 19 Paul's father died in 1754. He was the oldest surviving son he had 11 other siblings. He had brown eyes and dark hair like his father. When he was 7 he was sent to North Writing school to learn English when he was 13 he came to the USA later he stared learning silversmith like him father.

Becoming a Silversmith

Paul Revere stared learning silversmith he attended local schools to pursue his fathers trade of being a silversmith. Silversmith was his earliest and most enduring pursuit for Paul. Once he was good enought he trained a number of people including several family members. He made simple thing like spoons to almost a full tea set Paul had a full equipped shop with all the tools he needed. During other times he was a copper plate engraver and a engraver of business cards,political cortoons book plates, a song book.

The Ride

What everyone talks about Paul Revere Midnight ride. Paul rode to warm people that the brithish were coming. Revere was suspicious in mid-April when British landing crafts were drawn out of the water for repairs. Paul Revere William Dawes and Dr.samuel Prescott all rode to warn people. Paul rode to do to things to warn that the British ere coming and to warn Samuel Adams and John Handcock that they were going to get arrested. Paul Revere never finished his ride he was stopped by to British patrol on him way to concord he never made it.


That was Paul Revere and the journeys of his life. You were told about Paul's Chiled Hood, becoming a silversmith and the midnight ride. Paul must have been very brave to go out and warn people that the British were coming. That was Paul Revere and the journey of his life.