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Welcome to the March issue of the Connected Newsletter. This issue focuses on the results of the Mid-Term Progress Reporting for Spring 2021, the new student scheduler and personal availability links.

New Student Scheduler & Personal Availability Links (PALs)

The student scheduler in RaptorConnect has been upgraded to make it easier for students to make appointments. Click here for the list of offices integrated into online appointment scheduling through RaptorConnect.

A significant benefit that comes with this change is the ability for staff users to activate a personal availability link (PAL), a personalized link that takes students directly to the users calendar in order to make an appointment. Personal Availability Links are located under the My Availability Tab and can be tied to set availability.

Click here for an in-depth look at the new student scheduler and PALs.

Here are few suggestions to incorporate PALs into your communication plan:

  • Update your internal email signature and Out of Office automatic reply messaging to include PAL. Use the hyperlink found under My Availability to direct students to your personal appointment calendar.

  • Include your PAL in email, text and printed messages to students.

  • Add your PAL to your contact information on your website.

  • Adjust your PAL to exclude days that are particularly busy, directing students to make appointments before or after those times.


The Availabilities Report, filtered for Care Unit, Location, or Service, provides a convenient way to view and manage staff availability, URLs, and PALs. This report will show any appointment, campaign, or drop-in availability created by a user that have start and end dates within the date range chosen. Additionally, users with certain permissions may use this report to create and edit availability for other users.

A single row represents a single availability instance within the date range chosen. The "active" field will show whether the availability is active or inactive on the day that you run this report. Please note, when using 'Export to Excel' for this page, the export will contain one line per availability set by the staff. As a result, some staff members and courses will be listed multiple times. This allows for better data manipulation within Excel.

Report Actions for Availabilities Report

  • New Availability: create a new availability for the user
  • Edit Availability: edit the availability listed for the user
  • Copy Availability: copy the availability listed for the user
  • Delete Availability: delete the availability listed for the user
  • Show/Hide Columns
  • Export Results

Spring 2021 Mid-Term Progress Reporting Results

Student level progress report information is obtainable in RaptorConnect, either on the student’s profile or by running the “Progress Reports” Report and filtering accordingly.
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Interim Progress Reports

Faculty are encouraged to issue interim progress reports before and after the Mid-Term Progress Reporting period. Progress reports encourage students to take action in order to improve their academic outcomes and support communication among faculty, students, advisors, and student success staff. Interim progress reports trigger the same communication and intervention as configured for Mid-Term Progress Reports. Click here to view a tutorial.

Course Help Desks

Do your students need additional academic support? In addition to one-on-one Peer Tutoring, Course Help Desks provide a collaborative space for students to work with a tutor to improve their understanding of course materials, get help on a specific problem, ask questions regarding course concepts, theory, or anything else related to the material in their courses. Course Help Desks allow students to drop-in virtually during scheduled hours for a short tutoring session without an appointment. Course Help Desks cover more than 80 courses this semester!

  • Improve understanding of course concepts
  • Get help with a specific problem or formula
  • Ask questions about homework
  • Receive study tips for exams

Students can check-in to Course Help Desks through the new student scheduler in RaptorConnect!



New: Non-Matric Admit (NMA)

New: Withdrew This Term (WD-T)

New: Withdrew Last Term (WD-L)

Note: Category Withdrew (WD) indicates withdraw from a semester previous to last term.

Fixed: Incoming AC Categories

Represents current admit year and term based on admit types:

  • Non-matriculated: Not seeking a degree
  • Freshman: UG student with less than 12 college credits entering Rutgers University for the first time.
  • Transfer with Advanced Standing: UG student with 12+ college credits entering Rutgers University for the first time.


Notes that are shared with students can now be configured by Care Unit to allow students the ability to edit the note in order to add a comment or attach documents.

Click Here to Request New User Access

Use this link to request or change access to RaptorConnect. After supervisor approval, new users must sign an acknowledgement of Rutgers University Data Policy and FERPA Guidelines before access is granted.


Managing Remote Teams

EAB's managers guide to effectively collaborate virtually with staff.

Running Effective Remote Meetings

How to run effective meetings in a virtual environment.

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