EdServices Newsletter - March

Lake County Office of Education

Teacher Spotlight

Kathy Scavone - Coyote Valley

My 4th grade class at Coyote Valley Elementary School had the pleasure of having Jenna Rodgers teach us how to use Google Slides on our Chromebooks. The class explored the many great options, and were soon Google-Sliding right along! Now, they are creating slide shows for science class on biomes. They are writing about the biome which they chose, inserting photos, maps and all sorts of descriptions of the plants and animals that reside there. What a great tool for so many areas of the curriculum!


Dave Burgess "Teach Like a Pirate"

The author of "Teach Like a Pirate" will be presenting for one night only at the Cornelison Event Center. Tickets cost $10 a piece.

For more information contact Tarin Benson at: tarin.benson@konoctiusd.org


This Autistic Life - Presentations that Inform, Empower, and Inspire!

Wednesday, March 2nd, 9pm

Howard Avenue

Lakeport, CA

Join to learn about the joys and challenges of:

- living on the autistic spectrum

- living with someone on the autistic spectrum

- teaching children on the autistic spectrum

View the original flyer here: https://goo.gl/ARLtir



Timothy Shanahan - Text Complexity

During the final weekend of February, some teachers in the county went to the California League of Schools Annual North Conference. The keynote speaker was Timothy Shanahan, and he spoke to the importance of text complexity.

If you're interested, you can:

- visit his website

- read an article he wrote about reading complexity

- view a PPT he wrote, "How to Improve Reading Achievement"


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