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August is officially here!

Don't let August put that back-to-school pit in your tummy. Let's take some time to work through that emotion--what does it feel like when you see those back-to-school ads and displays in the store? Maybe there's some internal choice words for what feels like a rush through summer? How can we pump the breaks and take notice of these strong emotions we might be feeling before our big return? We've gathered some resources to help you take care of you. Make that commitment to your internal self-care plan (external is nice too) so we can revisit the slow days of summer when we're feeling rushed or depleted.

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Be well & breathe,

Liane Benedict & Kate Ginney

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Challenge that Thought!

Have you read Onward by Elena Aguilar? Here is a sample activity to try to challenge those back-to-school thoughts. Think about this as making a case against a thought, and by writing it down you can more clearly see what you believe and think. Use it when you notice that you’re having a strong uncomfortable emotion. Try to engage in this reflection as soon as you can after experiencing the emotion. This is a useful practice to do in response to those things that keep you up at night. Writing down your thoughts gets them out of your head so that you can start to figure them out. Writing also helps you internalize the steps and prompts so that you can draw on them more readily in a moment of emotional upset. Do this activity at least twice this week.

Access the complete activity here.

Check Out MLP for Our Awesome Offerings!

How are you taking care of your mind during the school year? Please take time for personal growth! Reconnecting with our inner student amps up our motivation for trying new things or rethinking our perspectives on old things! Let's do all the things!

The Science of Getting Started: How to Beat Procrastination, Summon Productivity, and Stop Self-Sabotage

How can you beat that title? It sums up what our needs might be in August! If you have a Kindle account this book costs less than five bucks and isn't a heavy cognitive lift. So, if you're feeling you need a read a book on the beach to feel productive, this is a great read. If you're feeling a little extra, be sure to check out our MLP catalog--we've got great things happening there.

Find the book here.

Struggling to keep that self-care simple?

Check out this fantastic, and funny, teacher-vacation-to-do list. You may already be rocking a few items on the list!

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