Democrat Party

We Fight For Your Rights!

The Democrat Party believes the government should take care of their people. When the people are in need, they can depend on their government for help. The government is expected to assist the people when needed. Our party believes that everyone should pull their own weight. Every person has the opportunity to succeed.

Plank Issues

  1. Should the government fund 2 year college programs for qualifying students? Considering our party's platform, we high agree with this. According to the survey results, 37.10% of students strongly agreed with this statement. There is an endless amount if benefits that could result from the government funding college programs. This would give young adults or even grown adults a reason to earn a degree. With more people who have a higher education, our country could advance much more than it already has. If more people had college degrees, it could potentially wipe the poverty rate entirely.
  2. Should healthcare be available for everyone? We as democrats fully back the fact that everyone reserves the right for healthcare. We believe that healthcare rates should be lowered or even eliminated. That way, there should be no reason for someone not to have healthcare. Accessible, affordable, and high quality healthcare plans are what we strive for. This is a necessity in life that everyone deserves to hold.