Jordan B.


The Best of Friends

Today was a big day, and I was very nervous. Today was my first day of second grade. I was very excited because I loved my teacher Mrs. Skogen, but what I wasn't so happy that non of my friends from daycare were in my class. That meant that I had to make new friends, and little did I know that this was the year I would meet my best friend.
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Impact on Theme: I move from Mason City to Norwalk, and Lucy and I don't know if we'll still be best friends.

Mom (Kathy)

Relationship: Mom

Impact on Theme: She takes a job in Des Moines, which causes us to move.


Relationship: Best friend

Impact on Theme: I move away from her and we're not sure if we're still gonna be best friends.


I chose Jefferson Elementry as one of my settings because that's where Lucy and I met and became best friends. I also chose my house as a setting in my story because we hung out there a lot. And the final setting I chose was NYC and Washington DC because, Lucy and I went on our first vacation togethter there this summer.

2nd Grade

Now I've been in school for about a week. I've made friends with many kids in the class. I really enjoy hanging out with them and playing tag with them at recess. Today, a bunch of us were playing tag and my friend Lucy and I were on the rock climbing wall. Lucy and I had become friends the first day of school and we were starting to become really good friends. So, on the rock climbing wall I asked her, "Do you wanna be best friends?" "Yeah!" She answered. I never thought this would be the year I would meet my best friend.

5th Grade (Turning Point)

I was in the middle of 5th grade. Lucy and I have still been inseparable since that day on the rock climbing wall at recess in 2nd grade. I had just gotten home from dance and I was eating when my mom received a phone call. She took the call into her room. I don't know why, she's never done that before. When she came out she grabbed my dad and took her into the room with him. A few minutes later mom was off the phone and talking to dad. Then she had my brother and I come sit at the kitchen table and have a talk. Neither of us knew what it was about, which made me nervous. She told us about what she had been talking about on the phone. She was offered a job in Des Moines, and my dad was also offered one at the same office. My mom asked us how we felt about moving. The last thing I wanted to do was move. Moving ment I would have to quit dance, leave my house, go to a new school, and meet new friends. Which that ment leaving Lucy. After being best friends for 3 years I didn't want to leave her, and when I told her I was moving, we both thought that our friendship would end, and the thought of that lead both of us to tears.

Summer 2014

I had just finished my 2nd year at Norwalk, and Lucy and I are still best friends. Even though we don't see eachother everyday, or get to talk and hangout with eachother, we're closer than we were before I moved. Nothing has changed. Thanks to Snapchat and Facetime we talk to eachother almost everyday. We make bucket lists and on one of them we had all the places we wanted to go on vacation together, and New York was at the top of the list. So, one day in the winter my mom was talking about how she wanted to go on vacation in the summer and I asked her if we could go to New York City. She thought about it as we drove in the car and she answered with a yes. I asked her if I could bring a friend and she asked who and I automatically answered Lucy. Right then and there she had me call Lucy and ask her if she was up for it. Soon we had our plane tickets bought and by July, we were already packed. And now after the trip we can't wait to go on another trip next summer as we're still deciding where to go.

Friendship Quote

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