Computer Lab Ideas

May 2014

Mother's Day - Publisher

Use Publisher to make a card or coupons for Mother's Day. Here is a link to some ideas for coupons You could also ask the students to brainstorm some nice things they could do for mom for Mother's Day. Don't forget about dads. You can make one for him and send it home at the end of the school.
In the example I inserted a 2x5 table and typed what I wanted in each box. I then searched clip art for pictures to go along with the coupons. To save time you could use this template
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What I Learned in School this Year book

Have students create a book on what they have learned this year. Show students how to split the page into two columns either in Word or Publisher. You can break it down by subject, by month, or by each marking period. Include both academic and personal learning.
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Plans for the summer

Have students either write an essay or create a presentation on what they plan to do this summer. If you choose to do a presentation make sure to include lots of clip art.
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Let the students teach!

Let the students pick something they want to learn about. You can give them a list of topics or have them give you a topic for you to approve. Then they do some research either at school or at home and present during the last week of school when there is time between all the activities that go on. This is an opportunity to keep the learning going until the last day of school. : )

Keep their typing skills strong

Here are some website you can send home for students to continue to practice their typing skills over the summer.
Typing Defense -
Barracuda game -
TypingMaster Bubbles -
Dance Mat Typing -
NitroType -

Contact your friendly ITRT for help with any of the lessons you see here or any ideas you have for a lesson. :)

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