Day THREE Ruby Red Razzle Dazzle

The Secret is in the Follow-Up!

Today's Challenge is Sponsored by the fabulous cousin DUO... Mellisa Scholl & Kim Valdivia

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Day Three Challenge!

It's no secret that the secret is in the follow up! You've got big dreams for next year and are asking yourself "What If"??

What if you followed up with all of those people you planted seeds with yesterday?

What if you looked back at your list of potential hostesses and invited them to host a holiday shop for their friends?

What if you contacted some local business to host a pop up shop for their employees?
(think attorneys, insurance, finance, banking.....lots of men who need help shopping!)

Your Challenge for TODAY:
-Follow Up with AT LEAST 10 of the people you are trying to book with
(I recommend a different form of if you've been emailing try calling, if you've been texting try email, if you've been calling try text, etc.) Remember...people are busy this time of year and will appreciate you being pleasantly persistent!

-Contact 5 businesses about a holiday pop up shop.

(words to say at bottom of this newsletter)

Ready. Set. GO!

Meet the STARS!

Mellisa Scholl - Star Stylist

My story:

Hi ladies! I am a part-time Respiratory Therapist at a hospital here in St. Louis and mommy of two sweet kids, Heidi and Leo. I had never heard of Stella prior to my birthday in September last year. My hubby got me the charm necklace with my kids initials (because he remembered I liked my cousin Kim's necklace once before). I went on the website a couple months later and saw that it said "join." I had no idea it was something you could sell. So I called that same cousin, Kim Valdivia, and we were talking about joining and I said "why don't you join then if you like it, I'll join?" Well, it barely took me 3 weeks to sign up after her, and I haven't for one minute regretted that decision! Here WE are exactly 1 year later both STARS! Pretty amazing!

Top Tips:

Never give up, even when you have those slow months! They happen. When I got back from Hoopla, August and Sept were crazy slow for me. Like scary slow. Just keep plugging away! Your hard work will pay off!

And most importantly, share, share, SHARE the opportunity and start building your team!!! This is HUGE! When people ask how Stella is going for you you say "great actually! I just paid for our family vacation with my last paycheck!" or "awesome, I am hoping to quit my job by the end of the year!" These kind of statements intrigue people. Be non-chalant and genuine! One or two great girls on your team can make all the difference for you!

Mellisa is gifting....OMG....SO FAB!

Michael Kors Fulton Harness Rain Boots, I love them because they are super-chic yet practical, and so comfortable!

Kim Valdivia - Star Stylist!


I have always known that I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. And I did just that…however, after my youngest started school I knew I needed to find something to fill my time. I also needed to find something that I enjoyed and still allowed me to volunteer and still be there for the hours my kids were home. Stella & Dot has given me that and more! I wake up wanting to move my business and go to bed more fulfilled! I feel Happier and Prettier …..yes picking from the many jewels does that to you! There is nothing better than feeling the joy I get from having my own blue card with money I earned and the amazing friends I have gained on this journey! My cup is FULL because of Stella & Dot!


Do something EVERYDAY to better your business! And live your HAPPY!

Kim is Gifting....HAPPINESS in a Bottle :)

I picked KATE SPADE PARFUM because of the title LIVE COLOR FULLY!

Words To Say

My name is Tara and I am a local stylist with Stella & Dot. We offer on-trend adorable & affordable gifts & accessories that I think your employees would love! I provide a unique and fun shopping experience for your office so your employees can knock out some of their holiday shopping over their lunch break or right after work. I bring my pop-up shop to your office and your staff can come and go. I will also donate 20-25% of the sales in new accessories to a local charity auction of your choice.

The line is adored by countless fashion magazines and celebrities. Our line is super gift-able and prices range from $19-$200. Most recently, we have debuted our BAG collection which is getting praise by Instyle, Lucky, People Style Watch to name a few!! Here is a link to my website

I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you more about the idea and we can find a date in the next two weeks for the experience! I know your employees will appreciate it and be in love with our gifts.

I will give you a call tomorrow to hear your thoughts. Thanks so much!