The Wonderful Whales

Miss Vananzo's Magnificent Team: December 7

Holiday Card Exchange

Later this week, I will send home a list which will contain the names of all The Wonderful Whales. If your child wishes, they can participate in a holiday card exchange with their teammates. Each Whale will decorate a holiday bag. Students who bring in cards will deliver them to their teammates' bag. This is an optional activity. I know my students in the past have enjoyed this activity. Please contact me if you have any questions.

News from Room 25.

Swimming Through a Great Week!

In reading/spelling we...

  • reviewed the various spellings of the long "o" sounds. We played several games and we searched for long "o" words in a story and played Boggle to spell various words.
  • worked on our personal narratives about a small moment in our lives. Students brainstormed several events in their life and then had to choose one for their writing assignment.
  • used our devices to do research on a particular shark. Each student choose a shark of interest. They completed a main idea table and then wrote an acrostic poem.
  • enjoyed another wonderful presentation from Mr. Anderson. The students loved seeing him dressed in his shark costume.
  • identified adjectives in sentences
  • reviewed antonyms and synomyns

In math we:

  • used known combinations to add two or more numbers
  • discussed if the order in which numbers are added will affect the total
  • related doubles and near-double combinations (4 + 4 and 4 + 5)

Ocean of Events

  • School Store Thursdays - 2nd & 3rd grade:
  • HOLIDAY PRESENT DRIVE: Four great ways to give – thank you!

    By Dec. 17th: All gifts needed (unwrapped) in collection bin in lobby.

    1. Fill a child’s clothes/sneakers wish - sign up here:

    2. Fill a child’s toy wish: Take a wish tag off of our Giving Tree in the lobby.

    3. Donate any unwrapped new toy.

    4. Gift cards welcome (or monetary donations – checks only – payable to JES PTA). Place in Outreach mailbox in envelope marked “Holiday Present Drive.”

    *Also look for our Mitten, Hat & Sock Tree – December 1st-17th in the Lobby*

  • Contacts: Alicia Matesa or Jay Weiner

  • Dec. 15, 7:00 pm – Winter Concert – 5th Gr. Chorus, Band & String Students
  • Dec. 18 – Holiday or Ugly Sweater Day
  • Dec. 18, 10:00 am – CMS Band Assembly
  • Dec. 22 – Papa John’s Pizza Day for PTA
  • Dec. 23 – Beans & Bread breakfast collection for the homeless
  • Dec. 23 – Pajama Day

Catch of the Week

  • Thanks for your continued donations of wipes. These are so helpful.
  • Please be sure to place your child's name on all of their coats/scarves, etc..
  • Thank you so much with your patience and understanding with technology issues. I am so amazed at what your children can do. They strongly encourage me to stop using the mouse and use the touch pad and touch screen. I am getting there.

It's a Whale of a Word

Our word of the week is:

Decorate (verb)

Definition: to make something more attractive by putting something on it

Sentence: It is a lot of fun decorating for the holidays.

**Two holiday stickers to any student who brings the word of the week into class written on a piece of paper and tells how many syllables it has.

The Wild Christmas Reindeer

I hope you can enjoy listening to this wonderful story with your Wonderful Whale.

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