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DEADLINES - and Mid Month Check in!

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Today is the LAST DAY to stay on the Facebook Team Page!

As you have probably seen - I am teaming up with other MMs to share our combined knowledge and specialized skills. We have named the group the #SuperFlyFiercePack -and you are not going to want to miss out on this. Our Newsletters will be shared in the Merch Perch - but other ideas and ways we are working together will be done in our Facebook Team Pages - so if you are looking to stay active with your business and want to learn more and work more together - then Today is the DAY!!!

Please use this link to fill out a goal setting sheet for me. This is a big picture goal sheet - but each month we will have a Monthly Goal sheet that will also need to be filled out to stay in the Facebook Page.

Starting January 15th - if you are not active (had a sale the previous month and filled out a goal form) - you will be removed from the Team Facebook Page for that month. I want our Facebook Page to be a Peer Level Think Tank for those who are working their business. *January exception - if you did not have a sale in December you can still stay on the team page with the goal sheet!!

Don't fear - We all have access to the Merch Perch and our Team Page in the Merch Perch. This area is filled with ALL the current promos, call links, etc. BUT for those who are looking to collaborate, discuss more advanced topics and have the FULL Team experience - then Goal Setting and Making ONE sale a month is where it is AT!!

I know you all have so much to give and things to share that will help EVERYONE. I want to see us really work together as a team. This idea could evolve and I want your input as we go along. #Teamwork is the main goal here - why reinvent the wheel when we can share ideas, graphics, work together to format online event content, etc etc.

I look forward to seeing your goal sheet and working more closely with this group.

2016 - it will be AMAZING!

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Happy ONE Year Anniversary to these awesome ladies!!

12/6 - Michele Martineau
12/18 - Bailey Philman

1/2 - Ambrosia Davis
1/7 - Kara Laws

Dianne Dixon

I'm your go to girl and team leader. I am also a Merchandiser just like you who is working my business every day!!

Looking forward to a fun and exciting 2016 with all of you amazing ladies!