Regal Leader

Volume 100 - October 21, 2019

The Week Ahead

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Lynne, Tim, and I will all be gone on Tuesday for a Counselor Academy. Therefore, nothing can go wrong.

The first link is some book company's list of top 100 books. I thought some of you may be interested in it and it goes along with our reading building goal. The second link is an article on building better relationships. This fits into our building goal of students feeling connected. The third link is on increasing engagement, which goes along with multiple building goals.

We are going to have our prayer services at 2:15 (same time as Mass) in order to allow more time for independent reading. The time after Mass has not been as much as we anticipated it would be. Please be vigilant in making sure the students are using this time for its intended purpose.

7-12 service day is Friday (October 25). Teachers will sign up for or be assigned to groups of students to moderate during the day.

October 25 (Friday) is also our 45th day of school. That is our 1st semester midterm. Make sure you are contacting the parent/guardian of any students that are under-performing and/or getting a D or F. Email is convenient as sometimes effective, but phone calls should be used if you are not getting a response via email.

ACT testing will be on-site Saturday morning into the afternoon. Just a reminder that nobody can be in the building during that time (unless you are helping with testing).


Tuesday: Counselor Academy (all day in CR), 9th grade retreat, Board of Ed. meeting @ 6:30

Wednesday: Prayer service @ 2:15

Thursday: Prayer service (English Dept.)


Saturday: ACT's on-site from 8:00-3:00

Have a great week!

Prayer Service This Thursday

We will have a prayer service, hosted by the English Dept., this Thursday afternoon at 2:30. We will also have a discussion on the Introduction and Chapter 1 of Living the Sacraments.


I met with Johnson County Emergency Management about having a Teen CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) here at Regina. The group goes through about 20 hours of training in topics ranging from fire safety to disaster psychology. The meetings will be about 1-2 hours each with times to be set once a group is identified.

This would require 1 or a few teacher moderators to be at the group's meetings (if any students are interested in joining the group). Let me know if you are interested in helping with this group. Also, let me know if you have any students in mind for the group.