Death Penalty or Life In Prison

Which is more humane? What are the pros and cons of both?


Capital punishment is the lawful and legal killing of a person by the government as disciplinary action for a crime.

Life in prison is a similar punishment because the inmate stays alive but will be in prison until his death.

Cons of Life In Prison

  • "I've had clients who want me to fight for them, and then when we win and get their death sentence converted into life, end up telling me I've betrayed them..." David R. Dow, JD (
  • If terrorists are held in prison with small-time criminals they can spread their doctrine to others and then there may be more homegrown terrorists (
  • In prison, there are still gangs, violence, murder, rape, and other things that are detrimental to prisoners' rehab

cons of Death Penalty

Pros of Life In Prison

  • The inmate will get to live and better himself while in prison.
  • There are rehabilitation programs in the prisons so that the inmates will be able to get better mentally, if there are problems.
  • If they have good behavior, the inmates can get visits from others outside of prison
  • The victims don't have to wait on justice to come, they know the criminal will get locked up

Pros of Death Penalty

  • It's a methodical solution to capital crimes
  • If the victims wait on their justice, they won't have to be paranoid because the offender would be dead
  • Keeps experienced and hardened criminals from going to prison and making life harder and more disruptive