Fifth Grade News

Mrs. Getchman ~ May 12, 2016

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Learning Targets


* Summarize a story using sequence of events

* Understand active and passive voice in writing


* Solve real-world problems involving decimals

Social Studies

* Identify positions of the Loyalist or Patriots

* Prepare and present arguments in a panel debate

* Research using several sources


* Recognize Jesus' presence in the Eucharist


Tomorrow - Track leaves for meet at 11:50

May 18 - Shakespeare Dress Rehearsal

May 20 - President research rough draft due

May 23-24 - Costume ironing

May 25 - Twelfth Night show - 1:00 PM

May 26 - Costume ironing touch-up

May 26 - Twelfth Night show - 7:00 PM

May 27 - No School - Faculty planning

June 3 - Safety Patrol celebration: Bowling, pizza and ice cream

June 6 - All library books due - last day for AR tests.

June 8 - All School Olympics

You're Kind of a Big Deal

I still have a few bowling field trip permission forms that need to come in. Carolyn Cloran is helping plan for the pizza and ice cream. Please let her know how you can help.

We are now going to focus on writing the essay for our president report. Tomorrow students will begin working on a thesis statement and introductory paragraph. They will have another lesson on Monday to get them rolling. The rough draft for the written report is due May 20. The final draft will be typed in Google classroom at school and at home.

We are finishing up chapter nine in math and will review and then test on that next week.

We are down to Five rehearsals left for our play. It's coming together but work at home is still a must.

Family religion discussion prompt: What would have been your reaction when you realized that the "stranger" was Jesus?

"A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees." ~ Father Faber

May class precept