by Laurie Sanford 6th period Wofford


Elliott Mcfarlane, was born October 18th in Irving, Texas and is now a 9th grader at Coppell High School. Through the years she has participated in dancing when she was younger, gymnastics in past years, and silver stars now here at Coppell hopefully joining the lariettes next year. Overcoming many obstacles through those extra curricular activities, Elliott could not be more happy then where she is now.


Coming from gymnastics and dancing, Elliott, like any other 8th grader going into 9th, was struggling to find what classes and electives to take in high school. "It's important to choose carefully because those are the classes you'll be taking for the next 9th months," Elliott explained. Coming from gymnastics, it was a hard choice for her third elective, "The closets thing from gymnastics was cheerleading, so I thought I'd give it a try". She had other friends trying out too so she wasn't alone. Going through the tough tryouts were very nerve wracking and Elliott tried her best, but she did not make the cheerleading team. Upset but still willing to try something else, Elliott decided to tryout for the Coppell High School silver stars team and her 9th grade year couldn't have been better.


"Friends are so important to me because these friendships I have now gives me memories that will last forever". Elliott holds friendships very close to her heart. With many friends in all different electives she is able to have a great connection with everyone. And even though she is not in cheer, she is still very good friends with her friends that are.


Family is also very important to Elliott. With two brothers Aidan (10 year old fourth grader at Denton Creek Elementary), Pierce (16 year old at Coppell High School), and Kara (23 year old graduate from Syracuse living in Los Angeles). With many siblings it's hard not to love your family as much as she does. "My parents have given me so much and I wouldn't be here without them" said Elliott.


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Tiny Dancer

Unfortunately, we were unable to find many pictures of Elliott's dancing days but we did find one. Here is Elliott at one of her dance recitals.