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Bingham Elementary - February 2016

Crafting Engaging Lessons

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." - Albert Einstein


According to Dave Burgess, music and art can be incredibly powerful ways to engage our students and enhance our lessons. We have unbelievably talented kids sitting in front of us and many are starving for the opportunity to display their creativity. When planning lessons and PBL units, don't forget to utilize our very own art and music experts. Check out the gallery below to see what is going on in the arts at Bingham.

The Picasso Hook

How can I incorporate art into this lesson?

What can my students draw or make that would help them understand and retain this information?

Can they design word pictures in which the way the word is written reveals its definition?

The Mozart Hook

How can I use music to aid my presentation?

What songs have lyrics that relate to this lesson?

How can I most effectively use music as they enter the room?

Can students change the lyrics to popular songs to reflect course content?

The Dance and Drama Hook

Can I provide the opportunity for my students to do skits or appear in videos related to what we are learning?

Can they impersonate key people from history in a panel discussion or interview format?

Can they write a script and create a video to play for the class?

The Craft Store Hook

How can I incorporate a craft into this lesson?

What can my students make that relates to this material?

Could there be craft skills my students already possess that could enhance my curriculum and simultaneously allow them the chance to be an expert for a day?


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How Student Centered is Your Classroom?

Check out these questions to guide you in reflecting on how much the learning environment you have designed promotes student voice and choice.

Mary Morris - “Snow” an Adele "Hello" Parody (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)


Lorie Fisher

Assistant to the Principal

Bingham Elementary