MAY 2013

Celebrating Our OWN Cultures Feast!

In addition to learning about the culture of Francophone countries around the world, the French One students talked about how we each bring our own culture to the table, both figuratively and literally. The kids contributed and explained food from their own culture. For some of them, it was the first time that they had been the one to make this food, which was especially exciting!

Class activities: reviewing verb forms

Some of the activities that your kids do in class include basic workbook exercises, as well as dice games, to practice conjugating verbs. These particular photos are from French Two, but we do the same types of activities in French One.

Class activities: learning vocabulary

The French One students have been learning about outdoor food markets, such as those found in French-speaking countries in West Africa (as well as in Paris, of course).

In their workbooks, they drew some food items, and then covered up the names of them. Then, they showed their drawings to a partner, who had to name the foods in French.

Class activities: learning vocabulary (part two)

The French One students also each put together 40 picture cards of food items. We used these to play recognition and repeating games: I would say [in French] something like "I'm going to buy some cheese." The first student in each group to find, pick up, and identify (in French) his/her picture of cheese, would get a point. The winner in each group received a prize.

In addition to this activity with the picture cards, we also used them as the basis for conversations and written work, such as telling that you need an item, and giving your opinion of it.

French Two Portraits


After our Croissant Delivery Day (6/3/13) and our Francophone West African Feast (French Two: 6/10/13), I'll put together another album for you.