El Salvador

Information/Vacation for El Salvador

Land and Climate

  • El Salvador is 8,124 square miles.
  • El Salvador is called land of the volcanoes because it has over 200 volcanoes.
  • The average climate of El Salvador is 85 degrees.
  • El Salvador has a semitropical climate.
  • The only two seosons of El Salvador is The Rainy seoson which is may through october.
  • The second seoson is the Dry seoson which last november through Aprill.
  • El Salvador has earthquakes but not very often and when they do happen they are very small.


  • El Salvador was first inhabited by the Maya's, Lenca's, and the Nahut's.
  • In 1524 El Salvador got claimed by spain.
  • In 1824 El Salvador got free from spain.
  • In 1872 El Salvador was marked as the true birth of the nation.
  • For more than 50 years El Salvador was plagued with internal strife.
  • El Salvador got Formal Peace.


  • El Salvador has a domocratic government.
  • The Executive branch is led by the president and the vice president.
  • Both the president and the vice president serve a 5 year term, And they both are ineligable for immediate realection.
  • unicumral national legislative has 84 members that serve a 3 year term.
  • Some major political parties are The national republican Alliance (ARENA), and The Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN), The christian Democrat party and The National concilation party, and the voting age is 18.
  • There are 14 departments and 267 municipalities, and the municipal power is weak but strengthening steadly since 1990.



Economy has been weekening but recently is more stable.

The most occuring problems of El Salvador are unemployment, deforestation and pollution.

Almost 20% have no education, or health to get them out of poverty.


coffee is the most important export in El Salvador.

Coffee is one third of the country's earning's.

El Salvador also exports sugar, cotton, shrimp and clothing.


Day 1. First we are going to get on a plane and fly to El Salvador which costs 1,918 dollars. After we get their we will check into our hotel for the week which is Hotel Plaza Antigua, and for the 6 nights we are staying their it will cost 560 dollars then we will go out to eat and we are going to the same restraunt the entire time we are there, after we go out to eat we are going to the San Salvador night tour that costs 27.93 dollars all together then we go back to the hotel and go to bed.
Day 2. We get up and go to the resteraunt and the rest of the day we are going on the Chorros De La Calera waterfall Tour which costs 35.64 dollars.
Day 3. Now we get up and then go to the Cinquera Rain Forest park which is free.
Day 4.We get up and go to the Canopy Tour Apeneca all day which costs75.29 dollars.
Day 5. All day we will be at the La Libertad Surfing and is 38.86 dollars.
Day 6.All day we will be at the Hajas Beach club and is 52.29 dollars.
Day 7. First We go on The Private Shopping Mall Tour and we will spend any extra money their is then leave and take a plane home.