Welcome To Minnesota

Kate Westerberg

come on over to minnesota!!!

I think that steamboats are the best way to come to Minnesota, because they run every season except for winter because of the ice on the water. The steamboat carries people and your supplies. If you don't like where you live and you like the supplies, then bring it all to us.

facts about MInnesota

  • Many of Minnesota's white settlers came from New England by railroads and steamboats to get to their new homes.
  • Many of these new arrivals came to Minnesota with hopes of owning their own land and being their own boss.
  • We made an agreement with the Dakota to give up their land in southern Minnesota. They did this with the Treaty of Sioux and Mendota.
  • Minnesota appealed to New England and Europe because it's landscape was similar to the places that they had left behind.
  • Minnesota was known as the New England of the west.

place of high interest

Fort Snelling helped the United States fur trade from the British and would keep peace among the Indians. It was a military base, but the soldiers were not there to fight. They were there to enforce the U.S. laws related to the fur trade.


"Minnesota has a very healthy climate, beautiful country and natural scenery and with its clean, fresh air it reminds me strongly of the northern part of Germany," said Wenzel Petran.

A Quote By Kate Westerberg

"We may be the 32 state but we are still as much a part of America then the first state. We are a family and no one state is more important than any other"