Civil War Battles

Janara H.

Fort Sumter

When the town had found out that there was going to be a war. Some people were upset some people were happy. Personally, I was uncertain of many things, firstly, of the action that was impending with the upcoming war. Secondly, thoughts of what might happen to me and my family? Thirdly, would this be the end for my family, for me, for my friends. The more I began to think about the war, the tears rolled aggressively down my face. The Civil War was between the North which called themselves the Union. The other side was called Confederates which was the South.The only reason why there was going to be a war between the two is because South Carolina succeeded when President Lincoln was elected, since he was against slavery. When South Carolina succeeded they took 11 other states with them. On April 12 1861 at Charleston Harbor in South Carolina I sat upon a hill waiting to see the two sides attack. The Confederates kept firing shots, the first thing that i had noticed was that the shots weren’t hitting no one on the battlefield. The Union didn’t fire back until two hours afterwards. I assume that the Union didn't have bullets to waste, so they waited until it seemed that the Confederates ran out of bullets. The bullets never stopped though. On April 13 when the battle was about to began for round two U.S. Major Robert Anderson had surrendered. Which made the Confederates win the first battle of the Civil War. On the 14th of April both sides had returned to where they had came from.,. 'The Battle Of Fort. Sumter Official Records And Battle Description'. N.p., 2015. Web. 13 Mar. 2015.


The second battle of the Civil War was now in one of the border states, Maryland. The Union’s commander was George B. McClellan which I heard he was a good commander. Then again, he is up against Robert E. Lee who I heard is one of the best. I am actually a neutral patriot because I know that the war could end up in either the Unions hands or the Confederates. The war was actually supposed to start on September 16 1862, which was more than a year ago. However, the only thing that happened on September 16 was that the Union confronted the Confederate in Sharpsburg, Maryland. Of course, I was there and nervous. I know how tough war really is. I see how it affects everyone, and I know upfront, how it effects the territories and the surrounding areas. It’s a hard knock life. Even so, I was planning to go to all the battles.I want to always be able to tell my kids what happened. On the 17 of September the actual battle had began. In my opinion, this was going to be the bloodiest day in history. There was more than 1,000 on both sides that died. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever said. Even though the battle was crazy to me it didn’t seem as if there was a winner, I believe no one had won. The result of the battle was inconclusive. Even though it was inconclusive I believe President Lincoln thought of it as a victory for the Union. Afterwards, the commander-in-chief delivered the Emancipation Proclamation.

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The Vicksburg battle was the third battle of the Civil War. Which took place between the time period of May 18 to July 4 1863. The commander on the Unions side was Ulysses S. Grant at the time, also the commander on the confederate side was John C. Pemberton. There was way more Union soldiers then there was Confederate soldiers. The battle took place in Warren County, Mississippi. The Union beat the Confederates so bad, that most of the Confederates men were either killed, missing or captured, or wounded. From the beginning I could already predict how the outcome was going to be. On July 4 Commander Pemberton had surrendered trying to save the little amount of soldiers he could at the time. Since the Mississippi River was taken over by the Union, I knew the Confederates wasn’t going to last very long and deep down inside, I was happy. I was afraid to take a stand and choose a side. Eventually, if I had to choose I would side with the Union.


The Gettysburg battle was a three day battle. It had taken place because in May of 1863 Robert E. Lee who was the Confederates Army Leader, had taken his troops to the North for its second invasion. Supposedly, Lee only went to invade the North’s only for supplies. Lee also went to threaten Northern cities intending to scare them so they wouldn’t fight in the war. On July 1 1863 both armies had collided west and north of Adams County which is in Pennsylvania. The second day of the battle the Union defended themselves by making a fishhook-shaped range of hills with almost 90,000 soldiers. On the second day of this battle Confederates had launched a heavy assault on the Union left plank. Then on Unions right, demonstrations escalated into assaults. I was shocked that it turned out to be this crazy of a brawl. Even though the Confederates had come up with creative attack strategies the Union still held its ground and defended themselves well. On the third day of the battle they continued to fight on Culp’s Hill. At the end of the battle there was more than 51,000 soldiers total were either missing, wounded, or dead. The Union did win the battle of Gettysburg, which I had suspected. Four months after this battle Lincoln had made a dedication at the National Cemetery to honor the dead Union soldiers, he called the speech the Gettysburg Address.

Sherman’s March To Sea

This march took place from November 15 until December 21 1864. The march was led by General William T. Sherman, he led 60,000 soldiers on a 285 mile march from Atlanta to Savannah, Georgia. The purpose of the march was to frighten Georgia’s civilian population into changing their sides to be with the Union. During the march Sherman and his soldiers stole food and livestocks, and burned the houses and barns of people who tried to fight back. The soldiers and the commander had captured Atlanta on September 2, 1864 which was a bad thing for the Confederates since Atlanta was there access to food, weapons, and other goods. My opinion on capturing Atlanta was a great idea because if you stop all access to the south they have no other choice but to surrender. In my opinion, the war had to take place so that the southerners would surrender and make vital changes, which will later become history. The various stories about war will be in my journal forever. My children will be able to tell their children.

Fort Fisher

As the Confederates and the Union soldiers had marched up against each other, the thought of so many young men, and older men had already had lost their life.

This battle was actually the second battle of Fort Fisher which was on January 13 through the 15 of 1865. During this battle, the Union forces had landed and prepared an attack on Major General Robert Hoke’s infantry line. Maj. Gen. Robert Hoke, and Braxton Bragg was the Confederates commander. The Union’s commander was Alfred H. Terry, and David Dixon Porter. The commanders in the Union were very confident, strong and firm. The Confederate’s Garrison surrendered. Since the Confederates surrendered, this gave the Union the power to take over the seaport on the Atlantic coast. It seemed as if the Confederates had steam coming out of their ears of how mad they were. From the beginning I believe the Confederate soldiers knew that the battle wasn’t going to be fair since there was more Union soldiers than Confederate soldiers.

Appomattox Court House

It was 7:00 in the morning, real early when both armies were out on the field. The sun hasn't been shining for at least two hours yet. It was the ninth of April 1865. This battle was was at Appomattox County, Virginia. The two commanders were head to head, staring at each other with mean looks on their face. The Unions commander was Ulysses S. Grant. The Confederates commander was Robert E. Lee. I believe it was at least 7:30 when the attack was first launched. Once again the Union had an advantage to the battle because they had more soldiers. Union soldiers doubled the Confederates soldiers with still more men left over. In the battle you could tell that there were many strategies like how more soldiers who were wearing blue, which I assumed belonged to the Unions because thats the colors of the Unions uniforms. Began to arrive from the west and south trying to surround the Confederates army. After a while I assumed that Robert E. Lee realized that he wasn't going to win this battle after at least 500 of his men were gone, so he had surrendered. The Union had won once again as to what I expected.