Industrial Revolution

Alexander Granham Bell the creater of the telephone

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Bell is the inventor of the telecommunications device also called a telephone. What was apposing to be a device that helped the deaf, turned out to be a device that transmits the human voice by means of an electric current. This invention changed the world of communication. No longer did people have to wait for a letter to arrive at their front door but could pick up the phone and dial. Bell was born on March 03, 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was the middle of three sons born to Alexander Melville Bell and Eliza Grace Symonds. This early education came from studying under his grandfather at the University of London. Alexander Graham became his father's assistant and studied anatomy and physiology at University College. He also began experimenting with the transmission of sounds using his family's piano and tuning forks. But his discoveries would soon be placed on hold. By 1870, both of his brothers had died of tuberculosis, and his father persuaded his family to move to Brantford, where he considered the climate to be better for their health.Two years later he established a school for the deaf in Boston that is where Bell was inspired to create the telephone. He experimented with a means of transmitting several telegraph messages simultaneously over a single wire and also with various devices to help the deaf learn to speak, including a means of graphically recording sound waves. In 1874 the essential idea of the telephone formed in his mind and two years later he applied for a patent, which was granted on March 7, 1876.This invention was important because it connected people to different part of the country at first and then world. For the first time in history people where talking on the telephone hearing love one voices. Governments were able to relate important messages over a vast amount of distance by just picking up the telephone. Whereas before written print was the most used method. This invention also created a job market for millions of people in the past and the present. Form phone operator to factories the phone has helped the industrial revolution move further in the future.Present day telephones are small, wireless, efficient, and walking computers. In the past people called switch boards to assist them in calling the right person. Then came a time where rotary phones used phone numbers to reach the individual or businesses. Today phones have evolved, and transform closely with new technology and do not resemble the first phones. Telephone continues to contribute to our society thank you Alexander Graham.

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