Life is like a box of Chocolates...

You never know what you're gonna get.



It has been brought to my attention more than 3 times that the "Early Bird Catches the Worm" S'more has sparked some speculation about next school year. Here's what I can promise you...

1. Nothing is set in stone.

2. It is a marketing tactic to spark fire under our current families behinds.

3. Classes and positions are always based off of enrollment. And Registration is what gives us a more solid guarantee of what we are working with as far as class structure goes.

4. Will there be change???? Hmmmmm ABSOLUTELY! As we grow, we will restructure how we do things to accommodate the enrollment needs.

5. The only BIG change is we will be operating 3 separate 24-36+mos Early Discoveries Classes.

6. The way I enroll children in TK might be different also. This could be the 4th Pre-K Class. Because we all know TK=PREK, PREK=TK. There is no separate curriculum. We just push the bar a little higher to accommodate children who are with us 5 days a week, for a longer learning day, and tend to be older preK-ers.

7. Lastly... If parents are asking questions please direct them to email the, or Mary forwards any and all enrollment questions to me. You can politely say Mrs. Ellison is the one to ask. I receive anywhere from 20-60 emails asking questions anytime a s'more goes out, I am accustom to responding to these types of concerns . Let me help you. Usually most questions can be answered by the parent reading the entire s'more. Go figure :-)

Hugs, Candice