Philadelphia's Love of Snow

By: Tushar.K and Hope. Y Hour 2

Philadelphia is located in the Northeast part of the United States. It is 10 feet above sea level and is close to the cold temperatures of Canada. Because of the cold temperatures the water in the Atlantic ocean sometimes freezes close to shore. Also because of the humidity in the air the water freezes in the clouds turning to snow. The types of precipitation in Philadelphia are mostly snow, but also a little rain.

The yearly amount of snow is 22.4 inches, and for rain it is only 3.9 inches. Right now Philadelphia has 11.4 inches , and 1.6 inches of rain. The current temperature in Philadelphia is 36 degrees. Philadelphia has had an average temperature high of 70 degrees, and a low of 26.6 degrees. The record high for Philadelphia is 87 degrees, and the record low is near 20 degrees.

Philadelphia mostly has blizzards and snowstorms that dump 5 to 10 inches of snow a year. Rarely sleet comes in Philadelphia, but according to statistics there should be sleet next Tuesday. Wind usually has speeds of 1.5 mph. Heavy snow falls in January, February, March, and April.