After Effects

Sashank Kothamasu

What is it

Adobe After Effects is great tool to use to make basic animation for any picture or videos. You can also create 3d animation or objects. Or just edit anything with amazing effects.

Refine Edge

Keep the details when separating complicated annoying elements like frizzy hair or motion-blurred edges from complex backgrounds. This means you can create natural-looking backgrounds without messing with video shots.
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Warp X Stabilizer

The Warp Stabilizer effect is very useful for removing unwanted camera movement from footage, especially wobbly handheld shots.
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Why I Chose This

The reason I chose Adobe After Effects is because I wanted to learn how I could make my videos better with more effects and make more animation. Just basically just know what it is for information.

Why learn it

This topic is important to study because it has many different programs that could help improve all of our videos that we create in this class. I bet that you all have noticed that sometime while filming our videos come out shaky but since after effects has the warp x stabilizer it takes in the most focused part of the video and keeps it in place and in the end you have a stable piece of video.

My work

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I added in the colorize effect and then I darkened the edges. Next I put in the Crop effect and put in a circle in the middle then turned up the brightness in that area. Lastly I used then pen tool and smeared the edges of the circle to make it blend.


Behind learning all of this there had to be some sort of help. To learn the best of Adobe After Effects I would recommend to use youtube as I have used. It has many video tutorials which give TONS of in depth information about all the aspects of the program. I also used used wikipedia to learn about basically what the topic was.

Process of Independent study

The main steps of doing something independently is to be focused all the time because when people work alone they tend to get distracted very easily. Next is to set what you are going to do on certain days such say I will study math today and I will study LA tomorrow. Lastly is to check over your work thoroughly to make sure you have everything complete since you have no other people to help you check it.

Next Steps

Later in the future if I ever need to make any videos I will definitely use After Effects to give it cool effects and improve videos to make it more professional

Hope you will try Adobe After Effects!