La Paz International Foundation


Education Updates

Thank you to all who supported the education efforts of Olga Maritza and Rudy. Your contributions are truly making a world of difference as these two young adults become the first in their families to receive an education beyond 8th grade. Your donations are working to change an entire legacy, giving hope of a very bright future to Olga Maritza and Rudy.

Helping people live the lives they want to live through a reciprocal sharing of lives

La Paz International Mission and Vision

To help people in impoverished areas of the world live the lives they want to live through peace education, peace journeys, social entrepreneurship, and direct trade opportunities.

The philosophy of La Paz International, Inc. is embedded in honoring the dignity of all people despite age, race, religion, and cultural background. We advocate for a world where people:

Move from charity to justice . . .

From separation to connection . . .

From ignorance to awareness . . .

From hatred to understanding and peace . . .

From bigotry to diversity

And from service to a

true reciprocal sharing of one’s life

La Paz International

Thank you for your support! We are a small organization that is committed to supporting people in living the lives they desire to live in dignified ways. Please consider donating to one of or causes or joining us on one of our peace and justice education journeys! Your support really does make a world of difference at La Paz International.

In peace and with hope, Dr. Anna Verhoye