How to Access Pay Statements Online

Below are some written steps on how to access your pay stubs online. Screen shots are also included to help you navigate.

1. Navigate to [IN network]

While on the RPS network, you will navigate to the RPS infonet. Once you're on the website, you will select the 'Online Systems' menu in the top banner. Please reference the image below.

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2. Online Systems screen

The online systems will provide several links to district used documents. On the first page of listings, you will find the 'Employee Portal.' Please reference the image below.

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3. Employee Portal Login Screen

As you navigate to the employee portal screen you may encounter an unsecure site warning page. You can still navigate to the employee portal page at the bottom of this warning page. Once on the employee portal you will login with your credentials IF you have already established an account. If you have not yet established an account, you will select 'create an account' and enter the necessary information in the creation of your account. Please note that this account is NOT connected to your active directory. Your employee portal password will NOT change unless you choose to change it. Be sure to remember your username, which you create.

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3a. Creating a New Account

If you're creating an account, please make sure you fill out all necessary required fields, or your attempt will be invalid.

If you have questions or need assistance, please send an email to

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4. Employee Portal Home Screen

Once you've logged into the employee, the home screen displays your information and allows you to navigate to different menu options. You can access your leave time information, paycheck information, certificates and endorsements, as well as your benefits & deductions. Please reference the screen below.

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5. Pay Schedule Screen

Since paychecks are issued/deposited on specific days of the month, you can only access pay information on those days. Paydays are indicated on a calendar with a green block. When you click on those days, you will be redirected to your paycheck summary. Please reference the image below.

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Accessing the Employee Portal through RPS Anywhere [Off the RPS network]

If you want to check your payroll from the privacy of your own home, you will navigate to<staff page<Access RPS Anywhere<Access from home. From this page, you will follow the online instructions on what is needed to be able to access the CIMS Employee Portal and your digital pay stubs. The directions from the RPS website have been included in the file below. Please note that these directions are only for PC's. Macs need a more updated Citrix receiver. Click here for access to the updated version for Macs.