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Unveil your Cinderella

Imagine a day where you lay aside all the rushing and responsibilities that surround your daily life and step into a world of pampering and rest...welcome to portraiture with Jennifer DiDio Photography.

Unveil Your Cinderella - Jennifer DiDio Photography

Slowing down...

Unveil your Cinderella...that's Jennifer's specialty. It's all about slowing down and luxuriating in an incredible make over with Jennifer's fabulous stylist Jill Jackson and then being coached into poses and lighting set-ups that are your most flattering. Jennifer never stacks her appointments, so there is never any rushing with these Cinderella days. Beauty is unveiled as women rest and relax; Jennifer captures that in ways women have never seen of themselves.

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This is a great place to start to get an overview of a portrait experience with her! Click here to go to her website.

2. Pricing

Jennifer maintains a boutique business model to ensure excellence from A-Z for every client in her workflow. She has a minimum purchase of (3) gift prints & (1) 16x24 piece of wall art from every session, which is about a 975 investment.

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Unveil your Cinderella magazine

Click here to view our magazine that describes the process in more detail and includes other helpful hints that will help you prepare for this experience!
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Completing the portrait registration form and session payment link will lock your primary date and your back up date on Jennifer's books. Once we have your registration form, we'll contact you for set up a date to Unveil your Cinderella!

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3. Contact us

Do you questions? Please call us at 443.676.5352, respond to this message or click on the contact link below. We're happy to talk to you!
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Kind words from a client:

"Having portraits created by Jennifer is an amazing experience. Not only are the photos beautiful pieces of art that you will cherish for a lifetime, but the experience of creating them is outstanding. Jennifer never makes you feel rushed. She makes you feel like you are the center of her world right then. ALL focus is on you and making your and her vision come true. However, I will say, her vision is well beyond what most people ever can imagine. So, if she says "stand here" "do this", DO IT, it will be amazing even if you can't picture it in your own mind or even if you think it may make you look funny. I promise you, she can see things that most of us can't. She knows how to make a woman feel beautiful and cherished. I believe that every woman should experience the couture packages that she offers ("Unveil your Cinderella"). It is worth saving the money and investing the time to get these done. You will never regret it. Jennifer has a gift that very few people have. I am happy that she has shared her gift with me." ~Amanda Costley

Her client feedback is constantly updated and a wonderful place to visit to see how her clients feel about working with her, click here to read more.

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Jennifer DiDio Photography

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