ancient greece

by Hayley Hissong


I choose Anctient Greece because i wanted to learn about it. It was very interesting, some of the things were about what they loved to do. I wanted to learn there heritage and find out things about them. So i did the heritage of the ancient greece, varius types of goverment and the life of the early wanderers. So lets go learn about the things i listed.

The Heritage of Ancient Greece

My frist topic is the hertiage of the ancient greece. The ancient greeks lost there independence .artist and phillipeans were forced to be teachers. the city-states had whelth and power. the ancient greeks spreaded wisdom to their masters.

Various Types of Government

My second topic varus types of goverment.the goverment of many city-states anthens passed though four stages. while it was the 7th and 8t centries the king dissapered the third tribe was known as a tyanny.the tyannts taght people there rights and power.

Life of The Early Wanderers

my last topic is the life of the earl wanderers. Little is known of the greek settlement. The antheans had good weapones and loved to sing the spring they stoped harvesting crops. one of the inventers might have moved south word.



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