5 Birthday Gifts Your Mom Will Love

Shopping for your mom for her birthday can be difficult. What do you give to the woman who has literally given you everything, even life? On the one hand, you probably want to get her something practical and functional. On the other hand, you want to encourage your mom to kick back and relax, taking time to rejuvenate and be spoiled. She deserves it! With all of this in mind, here are some great gift suggestions for your mom's upcoming birthday:

#1 Buy a vintage locket necklace. If your mom is like most women, she loves jewelry. This is a great place to start. She would probably love any piece you give her, but you'll really make her gasp when you buy a vintage locket necklace. Because the necklace opens into a locket, it allows her to keep meaningful photos or mementos close to her heart. She may worry you spent too much because it's so gorgeous, but you can simply tell her you were savvy and found a vintage necklace for sale online.

#2 Gift her sleep essentials. Your mom has worked hard! She deserves some rest. Make up a care package for her that includes sleep essentials to pamper her and get her the relaxation she deserves. This could be a weighted blanket, sleep mask, lavender scented pillow, candles, or essential oils. Make her self-care easier to achieve.

#3 Help her stay organized. Maybe your mom is always on the go, go, go. She's successful and she got this way by being hard-working, dedicated, and driven. You can show her how much of an inspiration she is by giving her a new organizer. There's fancy options that are leather bound and even have her name inscribed in them. Don't forget the color coded pens to go with it!

#4 Pamper her pet too. Your mom loves you… but she also loves her pet. That is why giving her a gift to pamper her furry friend is a great way to say "I love you and know what you want!" There's incredible options for dog beds now, even memory foam versions like the mattress humans sleep on. If she's a cat lady, you may want to opt for a cool scratching spot or lounge. Show her that you know how much her precious pooch means to her, and that you have no hard feelings about it.

#5 Let her kick back and enjoy herself. Your mom deserves to have a good time. Does your mom love to have a good glass of wine, or two? Gift her crystal champagne flutes or wine glasses. You can never have too many of those! A gift like this is timeless and will last for many more birthdays to come. Cheers!

This list is a great place to get started, but far from the only options. You know your mom better than probably anyone else in the world. What do you think she would like the best?