What is the PTG?

Why should I get involved being a parent or teacher?

Do you know what the PTG does for your child(ren) and the Danville School?

The PTG helps to financially support your child(ren)'s field trips and school activities. The money we raise through direct donations and fundraisers goes directly to Danville School elementary students!

Some of the activities we helped to fund last year include:
End of the year field trips/celebrations for every elementary student
Literacy week - Ted Scheu (poet) worked with the students in a week long workshop
Spring fling - Circus Smirkus performed for our students as well as provided small work shops for the day.

Our funds also helped to provide fire blankets to classrooms who needed them to ensure every student in school has one available to them, should they be need in an emergency. We also support the Reading Rocks program and help to purchase a brand new book for every elementary student at Danville School. Your dollars count!

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Why should I volunteer?

PTG= Parent, Teacher Group

Principal, Teacher, and Staff involvement:

1) Get to know the parents of your students

2) Make your voice heard

3) Builds a sense of community

4) Connect with other teachers

Parent involvement:

1) Get to know your child's school better

2) Shows your child(ren) your commitment to their education

3) student earns higher grades

4) Children have better social skills.

5) Make your voice heard

Why Direct Donation!

Direct Donation is a TIME SAVER. If you can give a little the children don't need to sell wrapping paper, pizza kits or have bake sales. Families are very busy with sports and after school functions the last thing parents want to think about is selling wrapping paper or any other fundraising item.

Below you can donate by clicking on the link

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Please consider donating, any little bit helps!