Chasing Ice

Richie Hernandez

Discription Of The Film

A photographer, James Balog and his team of glaciologists go to artic areas such as Greenland, Alaska, and Iceland. James and his crew set up cameras to make a time lapse of glaciers. Through the time lapse he shows the change in size and matter from years prior.

Purpose Of The Film

The purpose of the film is trying to prove that global warming is actually occurring. Balog uses his photography skills and his passion for ice to create images to show to society to show what is actually going on,


In the documentary Balog makes an impact on the viewers and moves them by the way he uses his passion for ice and by the way he edits and presents his photos.

Example 1

The film achieved its purpose by the way that Balog used the year's prior images and then combined the recent photos with it to show how much of a difference has changed.

Big image

Example 2

The time lapse feature was another one of Balogs great techniques that achieved the purpose of the film because of the way of the editing and how it easily caught the viewers attention.

Example 3

Balog used his passion that he had for the ice to be displayed through his images. By creating these images of the ice, he made you feel that you couldn't help but feel guilt on how can we could let something this beautiful become nothing.


In conclusion Balog gets his point across that global warming is a big problem through his photos and time lapse art work.