Night of The Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman


There are many characters in the book. The main one is Dan Hatch. He has to survive two tornadoes with Arthur and Ryan. Arthur Darlington is Dan's best friend. Linda Hatch is Dan's Mom. John Hatch is Dan's Dad. Stacey Darlington is Arthur's Sister. Ronnie Vae Darlington is Arthur's Sister. Aunt Goldie is Dan's Aunt. Belle Smiley is known as Mrs. Smiley. Ryan is Dan's baby brother. Grandpa hatch is Dan's Grandpa. Grandma Hatch is Dan's Grandma.

This is where the tornado happened and when

Tuesday, June 3rd 1980 at 8pm

Grand Island, NE, United States

Grand Island, NE

This is where the tornado happened


In the start of the book Dan was riding back to his house with Arthur. Then dad went to the farm to help Grandma Hatch and Grandpa Hatch. The Hatch's television said"CD" which stands for civil defense. Mom went to check on Mrs. Smiley because if she didn't have her hearing aids on she wouldn't be able to hear the sirens. Dan and Arthur heard the sirens, they got Ryan and went downstairs in the basement. The next time they looked up above them was gone. Stacy helped them out of the bathroom. They went to go find mom, they seen mom on the street. She hugged them and she told them that she had to hide under a bed. Ronnie Vae got thrown out a window and landed in the bushes. Mom and Ryan went to Kmart while Dan, Stacey and Arthur went to get Mrs. Smiley that was sleeping on her couch. Then Dan, Stacey and Arthur got in a police car to go to police headquarters. The driver told them to get down. There was another tornado! It broke the drivers glasses. Dan had to drive! They got to police headquarters and they Stayed in the Women's Center. When they got out of the Women's Center Dan went to Kmart to see if mom was there. She wasn't there so he started to walk back home. Mom, Ryan and Dad came to pick Dan up in Dads truck. One year later they had a celebration on June 3rd the next year because they survived seven tornadoes in one. night.
My Night of the Twisters Movie

I made a Night of the Twisters movie.

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