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September 2023 Newsletter

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First Day of School- already?!?! We are so excited to welcome each one of you to school.

What day does my child start school?

Monday/Wednesday and Kindergarten kiddos first day of school is WEDNESDAY 9/6. Door will open every day at approx. 8:55 am. School starts at 9:00 am and ends at 12 pm.

Tuesday/Thursday kiddos first day of school is THURSDAY 9/7. Door will open everyday at approx. 8:55 am. School starts at 9:00 am and ends at 12 pm.

Many preschoolers suffer from true separation anxiety when it come to preschool. We just wanted to share some helpful tips and tricks that we’ve learned to help make the first day of school successful. We know each child is different, so use as many or as little as you’d like.

MAKE IT QUICK- From day 1 try to establish a quick drop off routine. Don’t linger. The longer you prolong the inevitable, it makes it that much harder to say good bye.

SET UP CLEAR EXPECTATIONS- Even before school starts, help your child know you will go home (work, the store, etc…) while they’re in school. After circle time, you (or whoever is picking them up) will be there to get them, and you can’t wait to hear about their day.

BE SURE TO GET A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP!- Even us adults know how much better our day goes when we get a full nights rest. Children need much longer rest than we do. Set them up for an outstanding day by making sure they will get plenty of sleep.

BE SURE TO HAVE SOME YUMMY BREAKFAST!-We do have snack time, but that’s not until about half way through the day.

REMEMBER- We want your child to have an AMAZING time in school. So if they’re still upset and crying after a short amount of time, we will call you to let you know. (You can also text for an update too. 503-405-6122)

We are so excited to see you on the first day of school! Please remember to bring a backpack and a water bottle (if you’d like) with your name on it.

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MON/WED & Kindergarten Students: 9/27

TUE/THU Students: 9/28

Immunization Forms due by October 1

If you were sent home with an immunization form during open house, state regulations require us to have those returned to the school by October 1, 2023. This is the official form from the State and immunizations must be transferred to this form. If you signed off on immunization forms at open house, your child is all set.

We use the Oregon State database, AlertIIS to monitor immunization requirements. There is nothing you have to do unless you are claiming an exemption of the immunization requirements. If you are claiming an exemption, you must go to the State's website and complete the requirements. Once you receive the exemption certificate, you will fill out the state immunization form and submit the exemption certificate to the school.

NOTE: Immunization and vaccine requirements are set by the Oregon State Department of Education. Faithful Foundations Preschool & Kindergarten will not discriminate, nor do we make any judgment, based on your decision as a parent whether or not to vaccinate. We are required by law to collect the required paperwork and submit that paperwork to the State. While we trust parents to make the best decisions for your student, we must comply with the law as far as collecting the required immunization information.

Does your child have a birthday in September?

You are welcome to celebrate your child's birthday with his/her class. Please use the following guidelines for bringing treats for your child's birthday:

  • Talk to your child's teacher to arrange a day that works for them
  • All treats must be store purchased (cupcakes/cookies)
  • No nut based products
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What are we working on in September?

1st Year Students:

Letters: A, B, C

Numbers: 1, 2, 3

Theme: Colors & Shapes

2nd Year Students:

Letters: A, B, C

Numbers 1, 2, 3

Theme: 5 vowels & letter placement


Curriculum introduction

Social Studies: Community

Introductory Match

Basics Review (vowels, letter placement, etc.)

Optional Friday Classes:

Our theme for September is "Learning The 5 Senses"

  • Students will learn the 5 different senses using their 5 senses
  • Weekly letter review for reinforced learning
  • Fun Activities

Friday Classes are still available. If you are interested, please talk to Mrs. Stephanie. Cost is $50.00/mo


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Faithful Foundations Preschool has partnered with Mt. Hood Roasters in Rhododendron for our one and only planned fundraiser for the year. We will be sending out additional information in the next couple weeks with more details. We plan to use the funds we raise for the following capital projects:

1) Our school sponored events throughout the school year (Trunk-or-Treat, Easter Egg Hunt)

2) Build a fence around our covered playground area for increased student safety

3) Purchasing of life-saving equipment such as a child AED

Please watch your student's backpack for a flyer and more information in the coming weeks.

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At this point, everyone has been sent an invite link to the new software app, Playground. Please ensure you have signed up for an account and downloaded the app from the App Store prior to the start of school. You will use this app for numerous functions:

1) Signing-in/Signing-out your student each day.

2) Communication directly with teachers/staff

3) A "Facebook" style feed directly on the app to keep up to date with the most current events and notices from teachers/staff

4) Daily reports such as photos, incidents, etc.

5) Billing - All billing will be handled through the Playground App and processed by Stripe. You still have the option to pay by cash or check and we will manually record those payments in your billing profile

6) Generating statements for tax purposes, etc.

7) ...and much more that we are still learning.

If you have questions, or need assistance, please let us know so we can help you get set up for school. Most of your account PIN numbers have been set to the last 4 digits of the primary guardian's phone number. Please log-in to your app prior to school starting to verify your PIN number and make sure all of your authorized pick-ups are listed.

Contact Information:

Enrollment -

Billing -

Admin -

Tim -

Stephanie -

Crystal Rath -

Cheree Spence -

Tammisue Kittrell -

Office Phone/Cell Phone - (503) 405-6122

Fax Number - (971) 369-8606

Looking for a church home?

CVBC would like to invite you. Services are held Sunday at 10:00am.